The High Five Podcast Episode 56 – Jack’s Favorite Switch Games Part 1

On today’s episode, I’m joined by my very special guest, my son Jack! He’s very excited to talk about his five favorite Nintendo Switch games. On this first part, wee talk about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kirby Star Allies and Super Mario 3D World. Come back next week to find out what the top two games are!

When talking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Jack’s main character is Captain Falcon and he’s from F-Zero. We also talk about ROB the Robot from the NES era. Here’s a video showing what he could do.

If you want to listen to a few of the other episodes I mentioned in the intro you can check out my ranking of the Leprechaun films here and my recap with the kids about our favorite family shows of 2020 here.

As always, you can email me at high5tj at or follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Also feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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