Halloween Scene: My Horror Toys Part 2

Last week, I showed you all a detailed view of half of the mostly-monsters toys I lined up in my office this year to get into the Halloween spirit. The first batch included a Masters Of The Universe Classics giant, one of Jack Kirby’s hottest creations, Buffy, a trio of Stranger Things characters, my guy Beetlejuice, a pair of Hellboys and horror icons like Frankenstein’s Monster, Freddy Krueger and Pinhead! Want to see who else made the cut [cue cleaver chopping sound effect]?

Enter, if you dare…

Halloween Scene: My Horror Toys Part 1

To say that this Halloween season will be unlike any other is like saying that Leatherface has a unique take on cosmetics. My wife and I are still taking the pandemic seriously (it’s incredibly stupid that anyone has to say that, wear a damn mask) so trick or treating for the kids is all but cancelled. We’re trying to figure out a new way to celebrate, but we’ll see how that goes. Personally, this year will be very different for me because I’ve got a house full of people who want nothing to do with horror movies (or are too young to see them). So, I’m doing my best to squeeze them in where and when I can, but am also focusing on a lot of comics and books. But, I also decided to decorate the shelf in my office with a small army of fiends in action figure form that date all the way back to my childhood!

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Digging Double Oh Seven: James Bond Jr. Toys

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Right off the bat, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due and let you know that I grabbed these images from the James Bond Jr. page over on the wonderful Virtual Toychest. The animated series these toys were based on kicked off in 1991 as did the toy line which, as was common around that time, outlasted the series itself. Consisting of updated 90s versions of characters like Odd Job (dig those hip hop threads!), Jaws and Doctor No, brand new villains like Captain Walker D. Plank and Dr. Derange and of course young relatives of Bond characters like James Bond (James Bond Jr.), Felix Leiter (Gordo Leiter) and Q (IQ), the line was…interesting. I never owned one of these figures, but I’ve had my eye out for some at flea markets to no avail (yet).