Halloween Scene: My Horror Toys Part 2

Last week, I showed you all a detailed view of half of the mostly-monsters toys I lined up in my office this year to get into the Halloween spirit. The first batch included a Masters Of The Universe Classics giant, one of Jack Kirby’s hottest creations, Buffy, a trio of Stranger Things characters, my guy Beetlejuice, a pair of Hellboys and horror icons like Frankenstein’s Monster, Freddy Krueger and Pinhead! Want to see who else made the cut [cue cleaver chopping sound effect]?

Welcome to Slasher Central! We got a look at the NECA New Nightmare Freddy last time, but you can see him again here. Then it’s Jason Corners where you’ve got Freddy’s wave-mate from the NECA Cult Classics Hall Of Fame in the form of the Voorhees boy as seen in Friday The 13th Part 2. At his feet you can see the fallen-over Funko Mystery Minis Jason. Next to them you have a pair of Mezco Jasons as seen in F13 Part 4 from the Cinema Of Fear lines in different scales. I believe the 3 3/4-inch version was a Toy Fair giveaway.

From there, you can see a nice gravestone for Pamela Voorhees in the back, a few more of the Army Men style zombies, Funko Pop Jason and Mystery Mini Leatherface place a Kenner Alien. Finally, on the far right is the very first horror movie toy I ever bought: the McFarlane Movie Maniacs Michael Myers from Halloween! It’s basically a plastic statue, but it is perfectly sculpted and posed!

This section brings a huge smile to my face! Next to the knife-wielding Myers boy, you can see a quartet of Masters Of The Universe figures, originals with their Classics counterparts. I was lucky enough to be on the MOTUC comp list which is why I have, well, any of these figures, but Grizzlor and Moss Man are favorites. The original Moss Man is mine from when I was a kid (I thankfully never sent him to the Slime Pit) and I scored the OG Grizz at a flea market several years back! In front of them you can see a trio of Pacific Rim Kaiju that were part of a 2015 NECA convention exclusive set.

The nostalgia train keeps on rolling right along as we continue on. In the front, you have Scumbug, Leatherneck and Baxter Stockman from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. It’s a shame this line essentially phased villains out altogether, because they had some of the coolest around. Behind them is a Skeletor from the Masters Of The Universe 200X line with all that fantastic sculpting. They’re joined by bald bros Mumm-Ra (the swole version) from Thundercats and Scareglow from MOTUC as well as Burning Godzilla and King Ghidora from Kidrobot’s super fun (and cute) King Of The Monsters blind box series.

Finally, we end up with a few favorites including Spikor, Beast Man and Two Bad from various He-Man eras and, lastly but not leastly, the Spider Smash Lizard figure from the 90s Spider-Man line. Not only is this a great rendition of Curt Connor’s unfortunate alter ego, but it also shows how some of the other companies represented on this shelf influenced the look and tone of figures, even if they were (in theory) aimed at kids!

So that’s where I’m at. My Funko Spooky Countdown posts hit a bit of a roadblock thanks to some technical difficulties, but I’m hoping to get caught up soon and post images of those as well.

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