Christmas Stories: 2012 Geek Ornaments From Hallmark

IMG_2185I actually snapped these pictures at our local Hallmark weeks ago, well before Thanksgiving, but forgot about them until now. Hopefully you’re all set on your Christmas shopping, but if not, the geek in your life will surely enjoy something from this line-up (assuming they’re still available, I really have no idea). Either way, I’d love to get my hands on the giant cardboard Darth Vader wearing red cloves and cape AND a Santa hat!

It seemed like there were a lot more available this year, which is pretty cool. I guess geeks like to go all out when decorating their Christmas tree. Of course, I know this. A few years back, we only had a tiny artificial tree that I decorated entirely with the superhero, movie and TV ornaments I’ve been given over the years. Speaking of superheroes, considering the huge summer they had at the box office, it comes as no surprise that they’re featured so heavily. You’ve got Spidey, Catwoman, Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain American, Green Lantern and of course Lion-O. That last one is the most exciting to me as it seems to come out of nowhere (especially because it’s in the classic style instead of the new-but-failed style of this year’s excellent remake). IMG_2184

Of course, you can’t have a giant cardboard Vader and not have a goodly offering of Star Wars ornaments. Looks like you’ve got your choice between a TIE Fighter, Hoth Han on Tauntaun, General Grievous, Darth Maul and a pair of Lego dudes. I have a longstanding love of Hoth Han, so I really should get my hands on that ornament.

I’m also a big fan of the movie and TV ornaments they make. I’m as much a product of the thousands of comics I’ve read as the hundreds of movies I’ve watched over and over again, so I’m just as, if not more excited by the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshamallow Man, ET with flowers and Caddyshack groundhog dressed like Rodney Dangerfield as I am about the superheroes. Looks like a pretty darn good crop of ornaments to me!

Christmas Stories: 2010 Geeky Ornaments

This is a bit late, but I actually forgot I snapped this pic while at a Hallmark a few weeks back. Anyway, people really seemed to dig last year’s ornament post, so here’s some of the geekier ornaments I saw. Across the top you’ve got the edge of a Tron Legacy light cycle, Iron Man, King Kong on top of the Empire State Building, an Office Dwight bobblehead and the blue chick from Avatar (you can also see the bottom of a Rosie ornament from The Jetsons). On the bottom you can see the side of a Snowspeeder, Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk facing off (I love how they were posed) and the Enterprise. There were a lot more, but I didn’t snap pics of everything. Hopefully, there’s something in here worthy of your Christmas tree!

Christmas Stories: Geek Ornaments 2009

So we finally got our tree up last night. I would have posted pics of all my great nerdy ornaments, but, well, I just didn’t feel like sitting by the computer (plus, we’ve still got cleaning to do for the folks’ visit). Anyway, as you can see above, we got a pretty good sized tree and yet still had plenty of lights and ornaments to fill it up. Em has a different way of doing things than I’m used to, so she takes the lead on putting up all those glass bulbs and then I come in with my ornaments. As I’ve mentioned before, my grandma has given me an ornament every year for all of my 26 years, plus I’ve acquired a good deal from other folks. Plus, when we went to Bronners, we got all kinds of other ornaments. Many of the ones I’ve been given over the past 16 years have been comic themed or had some other kind of geek intent. Here’s all the geeky ones together. You can see pretty much everything here. I even included the vintage McDonald’s/Disney ornaments which are still stored in their original boxes. You’ve also got my Notre Dame bear, the Mystery Machine, the yellow M&M dressed as C-3PO, a few Looney Tunes entries, Homer as Santa and a pair of guitars that look like two basses I have. Oh, there’s also a few superheroes, here’s a better look. The one that looks like a phone booth actually has a rotating Superman changing into Clark Kent (or is it the other way around?) that you plug into a light socket for power. You can also see one of the most difficult ornaments to hang in the form of the Spider-Man in the bottom right hand corner there. Anyone who owns it knows what I’m talking about. Also note the totally goofy Ultimate Wolverine. Here’s a few close-ups of two of my favorite comic ornaments.The coolest part about this lunchbox and thermos ornament set is that the lunchbox actually opens and you can store the thermos inside. Also, check out that art! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Robin on the front? Of course, makes perfect sense. But Flash, Green Arrow and Batgirl on the back? That’s where it’s at for me. Then you’ve got Catwoman and Riddler on the thermos. Super cool. Here a better look at the rest of them.I’m also a big fan of the re-creation of Action Comics #1 and the Golden Age Superman that comes with it. That’s a fun little two pack. And I love the guitars and Homer. All of these are great ornaments and I’ve got a ton more that are more sentimental than cool. So, thanks to Gramma and everyone else who’s every given me one, they make for one helluva Christmas tree. What do you think? Also, what are some of your favorite geeky ornaments?

Christmas Stories: Trees & Links

Thanks to an unexpected round of babysitting today, I didn’t have time to write¬† proper Christmas Stories post, so, I’ll lay a few Christmas related links on you.

First up, and not really Christmas related aside from the post title (“Good tidings!”), but still rad news, my buddy and fellow Wizard layoffee Jim Gibbons has announced on his blog that he got a job at Dark Horse and made the cross-country move from Jersey to Oregon. Congrats Jim!

In actual Christmas news, here’s a picture of our Christmas tree from a few years back. You can see ornaments of Flash, Superman & the cover of Action Comics #1, two Spider-Mans, Santa Homer and you can even see the side of my automated Clark Kent changing into Superman in a phone booth ornament. That’s a favorite of mine, but it’s pretty noisy.

Speaking of geeky Christmas decorations, IHeartChaos showed off this awesome Lego piece of Darth Vader in a sleigh lead by four tauntauns.

And finally, I stumbled on these video game-inspired Christmas songs done in the style of NES soundtracks (would that be MIDI?) by Doctor Octoroc. You can get the first half of the songs free here. Since I can’t seem to remember where I found this link, I’m sure you can figure out where to find the rest of the tracks from his record called 8-Bit Jesus on his site.

Christmas Stories: Geek Ornaments

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well, not really. At least not where I am. It looks more like fall at the moment, but that’s no reason to not get excited about Christmas. Christmas Stories will be a once a day look at my memories from Christmas as well as upcoming products I’ve scoped out, and my favorite Christmas movies and albums. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of geeky stuff in there as well as the usual action and horror movie reviews elsewhere on the site.

So, let’s jump right in. Last week the missus and I were at my beloved Palisades Mall. When we worked at the old Wizard offices in Congers, a group of us would head there for lunch about once a week, usually on New DVD & CD Day. Anyway, we met up for a rousing dinner with some of those same people who used to go to lunch, but before that we ran some errands, which took us to the Hallmark store where I just had to take pictures of some of these awesome Christmas ornaments.

Caddyshack’s not really that geeky, but I love that movie and the gopher, so it clearly made the list. The superhero crop this year includes Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman and Wonder Woman, a pretty impressive collection of heroes. The Ecto-1 one from Ghostbusters looks like you could take the hook off and race it around your floor. And finally, you’ve got Qui-Gon Jinn fighting Darth Maul while Obi-Wan Kenobi is stuck on the other side of the glass from Phantom Menace (plus a side view of a Corpse Bride ornament).

I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with one of these for the holidays because my Grandma has been buying me one ornament every year since I was a baby and the majority since I was a teenager have been comic book-oriented. That being said, it looks like these ornaments are much better produced than some of the ones I have (like an Ultimate Wolverine carrying a Santa bag of presents, it’s not pretty). I’ll take some pictures this year as we’re setting up the tree for a later post.