Christmas Stories: Geek Ornaments 2009

So we finally got our tree up last night. I would have posted pics of all my great nerdy ornaments, but, well, I just didn’t feel like sitting by the computer (plus, we’ve still got cleaning to do for the folks’ visit). Anyway, as you can see above, we got a pretty good sized tree and yet still had plenty of lights and ornaments to fill it up. Em has a different way of doing things than I’m used to, so she takes the lead on putting up all those glass bulbs and then I come in with my ornaments. As I’ve mentioned before, my grandma has given me an ornament every year for all of my 26 years, plus I’ve acquired a good deal from other folks. Plus, when we went to Bronners, we got all kinds of other ornaments. Many of the ones I’ve been given over the past 16 years have been comic themed or had some other kind of geek intent. Here’s all the geeky ones together. You can see pretty much everything here. I even included the vintage McDonald’s/Disney ornaments which are still stored in their original boxes. You’ve also got my Notre Dame bear, the Mystery Machine, the yellow M&M dressed as C-3PO, a few Looney Tunes entries, Homer as Santa and a pair of guitars that look like two basses I have. Oh, there’s also a few superheroes, here’s a better look. The one that looks like a phone booth actually has a rotating Superman changing into Clark Kent (or is it the other way around?) that you plug into a light socket for power. You can also see one of the most difficult ornaments to hang in the form of the Spider-Man in the bottom right hand corner there. Anyone who owns it knows what I’m talking about. Also note the totally goofy Ultimate Wolverine. Here’s a few close-ups of two of my favorite comic ornaments.The coolest part about this lunchbox and thermos ornament set is that the lunchbox actually opens and you can store the thermos inside. Also, check out that art! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Robin on the front? Of course, makes perfect sense. But Flash, Green Arrow and Batgirl on the back? That’s where it’s at for me. Then you’ve got Catwoman and Riddler on the thermos. Super cool. Here a better look at the rest of them.I’m also a big fan of the re-creation of Action Comics #1 and the Golden Age Superman that comes with it. That’s a fun little two pack. And I love the guitars and Homer. All of these are great ornaments and I’ve got a ton more that are more sentimental than cool. So, thanks to Gramma and everyone else who’s every given me one, they make for one helluva Christmas tree. What do you think? Also, what are some of your favorite geeky ornaments?

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