Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village 2009

Well, it took longer than I expected to get these pics of this year’s MiniMate Christmas Village up. First I tried taking pics with my phone because I’m lazy and it’s easier to send them to the computer via Bluetooth than plugging the camera in. Those sucked so had to bust out the camera, but it was pretty rough because they’re so small. I also made this crappy video with my phone which probably ended up being more work than it would have been if I just got my actual camera out and used it, but what are you gonna do. It’s pretty pixelated, but it gives you a general idea. Hit the jump after the video for all the pics and brief commentary.

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Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village

Last year Em was really excited to put up a full-on Christmas village in our place. We had purchased a giant bookshelf that year and decided it would double as our mantle. She set the whole thing up and it looked pretty fantastic, but it was clearly missing something: action figures. She graciously let me add a smattering of MiniMates and Kenner Star Wars toys and I think it turned out pretty well. Hit the jump for the full experience. Continue reading Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village