Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village 2009

Well, it took longer than I expected to get these pics of this year’s MiniMate Christmas Village up. First I tried taking pics with my phone because I’m lazy and it’s easier to send them to the computer via Bluetooth than plugging the camera in. Those sucked so had to bust out the camera, but it was pretty rough because they’re so small. I also made this crappy video with my phone which probably ended up being more work than it would have been if I just got my actual camera out and used it, but what are you gonna do. It’s pretty pixelated, but it gives you a general idea. Hit the jump after the video for all the pics and brief commentary.

Our "mantle"
Marty McFly & Terminator just chillin' in front of one of two curiosity shops
Wolverine watching pops cut down the tree
Red Hulk skating with Skaar, Hulk, Abomination & Red Skull looking on
Abomination getting peed on!
Nick Fury reenacting Airborne
Magneto tries to start a Mysterio-head fight, Doc Brown's weirded out
The Human Torch lights up the night
Deadpool helps at the tree shop
Jean (or is it Phoenix?) steals Green Goblin's hat AND purse!
Kirk wants to show you how to kiss
Spidey does his thing
Dr. Doom drinks from his pimp cup while Daredevil does Spidey's thing
Wasp runs the ring toss
Hannibal Lecter tries to find salvation

My two favorites are Captain Kirk and Dr. Doom. I started off with a red and green theme, which included most of the Marvel characters I have. Then I threw in some of the movie characters because they’re my favorites. There’s also a passed out Iron Man by the outhouse that I couldn’t get a god shot of and I had movie Iron Man Mark I fighting over a bench with a Terminator robot, but Terminator fell and I can’t find him. So, there you have it, merry MiniMate Christmas!

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