Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village

Last year Em was really excited to put up a full-on Christmas village in our place. We had purchased a giant bookshelf that year and decided it would double as our mantle. She set the whole thing up and it looked pretty fantastic, but it was clearly missing something: action figures. She graciously let me add a smattering of MiniMates and Kenner Star Wars toys and I think it turned out pretty well. Hit the jump for the full experience.

Penguin, Power Girl and Robin meet to sing carols, fight or make out, you decide!

The Borg offers to assimilate the ring toss game.

Venom & Boba Fett keep watch while Rocky & Apollo Creed duke it out.

Spock tells Ramon Rojo (from A Fistful Of Dollars) to live long and prosper at Ed and Han's Christmas Tree Lot.

R2-D2 hides from the Jawas while Rocky and Paulie take a smoke break.

Khaaaaaan hangs out in front of Santa's Work Shop trying to draw attention away from Marisol falling out of a tree behind him.

We’ll probably be setting up this year’s in the next few days. I’m actually pretty excited because I’ve gotten WAY more MiniMates and other smaller figures that will fit perfectly in the scene. Check it out here.

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