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As you can surely tell, I’ve been saving links up for a few weeks on this one. Still, I think there’s some goodness in here amongst me hyping my own stuff around the nets.

In addition to my daily Spinoff Online posts, I also wrote about Prophet, Ted McKeever’s Mondo, Lance Briggs’ Pilot Season entry, Brandon Seifert’s Witch Doctor, Mike Allred about Madman, Andy Suriano about Doc Bizarre, Tim Seeley about the Hack/Slash meets Hatchet annual, Kurtis Wiebe about Peter Panzerfaust and Brian K. Vaughan about his new book Saga!

I also wrote about The Vision’s different costumes over on and Dan Abnett’s Five Favorite Avengers.

I also, also wrote a list for Topless Robot called The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Upgrades In Beast Wars History!

Meanwhile, my pal Josh Wigler got to interview TV’s Ron Swanson for MTV. I am jealous.

My other pal Brett White wrote about event fatigue in regards to Avengers Vs. X-Men for CBR. Like most big comic book events, I will ask my friends who read regular comics how it is and if they like it, I’ll maybe give it a look in a year when it’s in trade.

Dave Rapoza’s Masters of the Universe art on The Autumn Society‘s blog is so good it’s scary.

In case you were wondering, yes, Courtney Love is still batshit crazy and apparently Hole is filled with assholes. Shocker. (via Rolling Stone)

In other Rolling Stone-derived news, Black Sabbath will be recording a record with Rick Rubin. I will buy that.

If anyone wants to contribute to me seeing Roger Waters perform The Wall live this year, please contact my wife. (via Rolling Stone)

I finally got around to reading Image’s Eric Stephenson talk about the company’s blind submission successes. There haven’t been a lot, but I still found it pretty inspiring.

Wired‘s Relic Hunters talked to Richard Molesworth the Doctor Who detective! It’s fascinating how he’s helped get so many lost series’ back from the great beyond.

I really enjoyed Write Place, Write Time‘s look at Joe Hill’s office. I hope to have one like it in the future, though I’m thinking I’ll have a overboard before that these days. I wish I could live in Dan Hipp‘s brain sometimes. His Psycho/Adventure Time mash-up is wonderful.

It’s strange that bands that were relatively new when I was a kid are making their way into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Congrats to the Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys and the Faces. (via Rolling Stone)

I’m super jazzed that Drafthouse Films picked up the documentary Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films. I will see that as soon as possible. (via THR)

Finally, The Fwoosh kicked off the 30th Custom Con today! So far, the Dead Alive MiniMates are my favorite, but it’s early in the week!

Casting Internets

I’ve been holding on to these links for WAY too long. Like, back to NYCC long, so let’s get these out and move on.

As I mentioned in a previous Casting, I’m writing for Spinoff Online now, you can check out all those posts here.

For CBR, I wrote a ton of stuff including this Commentary with Ron Marz and Filip Sablik about Artifacts Volume 2, the Image creator owned comics panel at NYCC, David Hine about taking over The Darkness, the NYCC announcement that Extreme Studios is coming back, Dark Horse‘s NYCC panel, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound panel and the McFarlane panel.

Speaking of CBR, I was in the room for this interview with Patton Oswalt and had to stifle myself from laughing too loud. It’s weird seeing video of a memory but from a different angle. That Roots bit at the end was genius.

My pal and brand new member of the CBR family Brett White wrote a killer column about new Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. It’s been out for awhile, but I finally had a chance to read.

Speaking of Brett, check out his Tumblr now for the amazing sketches he got at NYCC. I am jealous of his ability to talk to artists. Dorkly‘s graphic of Fifteen People You’ll See At Every Con is pretty accurate. I’d add “Adventure Time Cross Dressers,” “Dead-Eyed Journalists” and “Skanky Costume Chicks” to the list. (via IHC)

Dan Trachtenberg of Totally Rad Show fame will be directing his first feature called Crime Of The Century. I know I don’t actually know him, but I feel like one of my pals has made good. (via /Film)Mondo’s Trick r Treat, The Burning and Sleepaway Camp posters look amazing. I’ll take one of each. (via /Film)

TLo wrote about the first episode of the second season of Work Of Art on Bravo which features Sucklord, a toy customizer/kitbasher who used to get covered in ToyFare all the time. It’s awesome to see him on TV and I think TLo’s take on his performance in the first ep was pretty spot on.

Conan O’Brien sold a sitcom to TBS called Fat Chance according to THR. Nuff said.

The possibility of a Cannonball Run remake by Guy Ritchie starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney is a remake I could get behind. (via /Film)

I can’t believe I just discovered Jay Mohr had been blogging about Real Housewives of New Jersey recently! I could have been enjoying this Bravo blog all season!

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For my regular CBR gig I talked to editor Lisa Wood about Thought Bubble.

I also talked to awesome artist Todd Nauck for Five Favorite Avengers over on

My buddy Kiel wrote a rad post about his niece and comics over on Cool Kids Table, check it out.

I really enjoyed this AV Club interview with Sid and Marty Kroft. Those guys were a little before my time, but their shows are pretty amazing.

Metallica and Lou Reed joining forces? Sounds weird enough to check out. (via Rolling Stone)

I know I’m behind on this one, but the Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance trailer looks awesome, as anything by the guys who did Crank, Crank 2 and Gamer should! (via /Film)

I think I might have known about the possibility of DC licensing some of their biggest characters to Marvel, but reading about it on Jim Shooter‘s blog was awesome.

Whoa, Rocket Raccoon’s going to be in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Color me intrigued.

Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections was a book I had to read in college and it changed my brain. So, I’m curious about /Film reporting on a rumor that Noah Baumbach might be adapting the book for HBO.

I believe these images made their way around the internet last week, but I love that someone made custom Road House Lego Mini Figures. I did something similar with Cheech & Chong when I was a kid.

I think Tell Em Steve Dave is my favorite show on the Smodcast Network and I love comic book stores, so I’m excited to see their show Secret Stash on AMC.

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I know I’m late to the party on this one thanks to dealing with sickness, but my boys Ben Morse and Kiel Phegley interviewed my other boy Sean T. Collins about his rad online comic Destructor. Dig part one and two and then go read the strip. The “Prison Break” story is my favorite of the bunch so far.

Congrats to my fellow Toledoian Adrianne Palicki for landing the role of Wonder Woman on TV. According to IMDb, she went to high school not five minutes from my house. Home town girl does good! (via The Source). According to Esquire, she even likes comic. I wonder if we were ever at JC’s Comic Stop at the same time.

Mitch Hurwitz discusses ways to get a show canceled. His Arrested Development is one of the greatest TV shows ever created. His follow up Running Wylde? Not so good. I know this Guardian UK piece is supposed to be funny, but it comes off as a little more bitter than seems fitting of a man with so much talent.

Esquire’s Chris Raab had a great interview with Chris Rock. Check out the main interview here and the pair’s extended tangent about Labron James leaving Cleveland for Miami here. Why anyone would be surprised about a dude leaving Cleveland for Miami is beyond me.

/Film is reporting that $50,000 was raised for a freaking Robocop statue in Detroit. This smacks of hipsters wasting time and money that could be dedicated to projects that actually help people. Apparently Ron Marz agrees with me and how stupid this whole thing is. I knew I liked that dude. (via Bleeding Cool)Check out this custom Green Lantern of Cybertron figures up for sale on eBay. Looks pretty great.

Amazon has some pretty interesting records on sale for $5 this month.

Geezer Butler says there’s no way that the original Black Sabbath line-up will get back together. Guess I’m glad I saw them in high school then. (via Rolling Stone)

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I was on the now somewhat infamous Venom call with Rick Remender and Steve Wacker which resulted in this feature for Fun stuff. That book sounds pretty rad. Remender’s a solid writer who has some great instincts when it comes to playing with superhero conventions.

Hey, check it out, Ron Marz read my post about Silver Surfer and Tweeted about it. It’s kind of surreal to have him reading me. Marz reading Dietsch just sounds completely backwards.

Ben Morse calls super speed as his super power of choice. I think I’d go with long range teleportation because I hate traveling but like going places. Super speed would be a close second if I could shut it off.

My buddy Jim Gibbons offers up his thoughts on Wizard’s closing.

Thanks to Whitney Matheson for bringing Amazon Studios to my attention. Looks like I’ve got an interesting place to submit my screenplays to.

A new Planet of the Apes comic from Boom? Oh snap. (via Bloody Disgusting)

I’d like to welcome my pal John aka Cybergeek to the wonderful world of blogging!

Check out F1sh‘s custom Deadpool in the costume he wore when he thought he was an X-Men. Man, that dude knows how to paint doesn’t he? (via Toyark)

You think you like Superman? Jason George has got you beat. I especially like the spinner of watches.

Check out this rad post with scans comparing Marvel characters to football players and their positions. Fun stuff. (via Tom Spurgeon)

And finally, some sad news. John Barry, who composed the James Bond theme along with plenty of other memorable tracks has passed away. RIP Mr. Barry. (via /Film)

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Whew, it’s good to be back, but I do admit, I skipped a lot of the news I missed while on our journey to Ohio. I’ve gotten mostly caught up, but here’s the things I saw today that interested me.

First up, some self promotion. I did a piece for about giant collectibles called Muckle Mannequins.

There’s a new teaser for Wimpy Kid 2! (via /Film)

I am very excited about this collection of Carl Banks Disney duck comics I read about on Robot 6. I’ve never read any of that stuff, but have heard great things.

Robot 6 also informed me that Stan Lee got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congrats to him!
Stacie Ponder recaps Friday the 13th parts one and two. Great stuff.

It’s about damn time.

CliqueClack noticed a 50 to 1 countdown on last night’s How I Met Your Mother which had one of the saddest moments I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I didn’t notice the number aspect of the show whatsoever. (via Pop Candy)

Go check out the custom Medusa over on The Fwoosh. You won’t be disappointed.

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CubeDude creator MacLane‘s got a new series of ‘Dudes based on Battle Beasts. Awesome!

My former professor Rebecca Steinitz runs down her favorite books of the year over on Literary Mama. Her column makes me want to read Jonathan Franzen’s latest even more!

Hey look, I got mentioned on What If Kirby’s Twitter feed. Not bad for a guy who can’t bring himself to join the service correctly (I’ve tried and failed TWICE).

This happened?!

Cranberry Zero over at IHC is right, Spoiled Rotten is a crazy-addictive holiday themed game!

Holy crap, did you know sex therapist Dr. Ruth used to be a freaking sniper? Learn that and more over at Esquire.

Finally got around to reading Joe CASEY’s interview with Tom Spurgeon and it’s amazingly honest and candid.

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I caught up on a bunch of Grant Morrison related links. I’m behind on his Batman stuff, but hope to catch up soon enough. Over at DC’s The Source, Morrison talks about characters he created/renovated in the second arc of his Batman & Robin book. I would love to see Morrison’s sketchbooks/notebooks printed for mass consumption like Kurt Cobain’s Journals.

Morrison also talked to Wired about Batman Inc., how it’s connected to modern day capitalism and how Arkkham Asylum (the video game) and Batman: Brave and the Bold inspired him. I completely agree that watching BATB is more enjoyable than watching Glee.

Alan Kistler’s Final Crisis chronology on Comics Alliance is pretty rad. I’m on the side of really liking the story, though I still don’t think I completely understand it. Watching David Lynch’s Lost Highway in high school over and over trained me that my understanding of something doesn’t have to correlate with my enjoyment of that thing. (via Comics Reporter)

The last bit of Morrison related goodness that I finally got around to reading today was Douglas Wolk’s presentation of evidence that Leo Quintum and Lex Luthor are the same person in All-Star Superman over on Techland. It’s an interesting proposal, one that I’ll keep in mind next time I read that book. (via Robot 6)Gary Oldman’s the rare actor who seems to really lose himself in the role, not just from an acting perspective, but physically. I still don’t think I could pick this dude out of a lineup. (via /Film)Thanks to Ffffound, I’m not subscribed to artist Stefan Glerum‘s RSS feed. His art is RAD and kind of reminds me of Chris Ware a little bit. I love that super-detailed, yet still cartoony style. The Fwoosh’s New Custom Tuesday showcase of new custom toys done by their readers is one of the high points of my week. I’m always impressed with what these folks can do and it makes me want to get the ball rolling on my next customizing project, though, to be honest, I’m worried I’ll screw it up. Head over here to see how Pulpy Fiction put the Machete figure together.

Speaking of toys, IHeartChaos has a fun little showcase of some retro toys. I totally had the Hit Stix and wish someone would make a much better version that could plug into a drum machine.

Another high point of my week is Robot 6’s weekly showcase of Shelf Porn. I’m envious of toy maker Richard John Marcej’s Shelf Porn showed off over on Robot 6, just look at that Simpsons room!

Nate Jackson’s article on about why teams won’t want to pick Randy Moss up is pretty interesting, especially the idea that it takes a while for quarterbacks and receivers to really get to know each others’ playing styles.Finally, who wants to get me the Pick Punch for Christmas? It’s basically a button maker for guitar picks where whatever image you have on paper gets sandwhiched between two pick-shaped pieces of plastic that are somehow fused together. The only problem? While you can buy the actual Pick Punch, the sheeting all seems to be out of stock. I wonder if that’s cause of all the linking I’ve seen going on, like IHeartChaos, where I first saw it.

11 Rad Lines From CustomCon 26

Somehow, after having such fun checking out CustomCon 24, I completely missed the 25th installment. I also seem to have been off by a week or so because I thought 26 was happening this week, but it actually went on last week. Oh well, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to show off my favorite lines. There’s some really great stuff on there and you can check out the whole roll out here. For the record, CustomCon is an online showcase of fictional toy lines created by toy customizers. Hit the jump for the full list!

Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars by Sillof

Morrison’s Doom Patrol by Dylan Pommer AKA Rust This World

Continue reading 11 Rad Lines From CustomCon 26

Custom Corner: 90s Hawkman

You’ll have to forgive me. I actually wrote this whole post out once, tried to published and was informed that all that work had been deleted and not posted. Blerg. Anyway, this custom project of taking the Mattel DC Universe Classics classic Hawkman and turning him into the 90s version of the character as you can see above. I used a few new techniques that I’d never used before like dremeling, sculpting and dry brushing. I started this project all the way back in January and didn’t finish til this week when I felt particularly artsy. Anyway, here’s the side by side with the original and the finished product.Hit the jump if you want to read all the steps I took to go from the figure on the left to the one on the right. Continue reading Custom Corner: 90s Hawkman