Casting Internets

I still write lots of things for fun and profit. Check out this story I did for about Marvel Zombies Destroy.

Over on CBR, I wrote about Kurtis J. Wiebe’s Debris and the 20 year anniversary of Spawn.

Mark Waid’s Thrillbent is live! Time to check things out. I love Adventure Time, but most of the fan art for the show I’ve seen doesn’t do much for me. I do however very much like this Glen Brogan piece that shows Marceline hanging out with Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim. Speaking of Adventure Time art, check out all these crazy-awesome pieces from the Mondo art show.
Speaking of artwork, I really like this Admiral Ackbar painting. Click through and check out more Star Wars Celebration art.

I quite enjoyed this list of geeky kitchen equipment over on Topless Robot. That’s another one I wish I had thought of…

I haven’t read through all of Geek Dad‘s list of books every geek should read to their kids before age 10 just yet, but I’m excited to.

I still haven’t gotten Jack White’s new record Blunderbuss in my ears just yet, but I’m glad to hear that he has a-whole-nother album’s worth of material he just needs to put the finishing touches on. (via Rolling Stone)

Comedian Steven Wright talked to Esquire, check it out.

I really enjoyed Cullen Bunn‘s post about not wanting to get too complacent when it comes to his writing.

Dammit! TVLine says HBO balked on making The Corrections. I was really curious to see how that turned out. Maybe someone else will pick it up?This season’s CustomCon — where toy customizers present their imaginary toy lines — finished up today and was pretty damn enjoyable. My personal favorite group was the 80s Toys as MiniMates. This not only makes me want to work on my next customizing project, but also create a 6-inch scale Karate Kommandoes Chuck Norris.

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