Casting Internets

I know I’m late to the party on this one thanks to dealing with sickness, but my boys Ben Morse and Kiel Phegley interviewed my other boy Sean T. Collins about his rad online comic Destructor. Dig part one and two and then go read the strip. The “Prison Break” story is my favorite of the bunch so far.

Congrats to my fellow Toledoian Adrianne Palicki for landing the role of Wonder Woman on TV. According to IMDb, she went to high school not five minutes from my house. Home town girl does good! (via The Source). According to Esquire, she even likes comic. I wonder if we were ever at JC’s Comic Stop at the same time.

Mitch Hurwitz discusses ways to get a show canceled. His Arrested Development is one of the greatest TV shows ever created. His follow up Running Wylde? Not so good. I know this Guardian UK piece is supposed to be funny, but it comes off as a little more bitter than seems fitting of a man with so much talent.

Esquire’s Chris Raab had a great interview with Chris Rock. Check out the main interview here and the pair’s extended tangent about Labron James leaving Cleveland for Miami here. Why anyone would be surprised about a dude leaving Cleveland for Miami is beyond me.

/Film is reporting that $50,000 was raised for a freaking Robocop statue in Detroit. This smacks of hipsters wasting time and money that could be dedicated to projects that actually help people. Apparently Ron Marz agrees with me and how stupid this whole thing is. I knew I liked that dude. (via Bleeding Cool)Check out this custom Green Lantern of Cybertron figures up for sale on eBay. Looks pretty great.

Amazon has some pretty interesting records on sale for $5 this month.

Geezer Butler says there’s no way that the original Black Sabbath line-up will get back together. Guess I’m glad I saw them in high school then. (via Rolling Stone)

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