DC Trade Post: Sensation Comics Volume 1, Mad Love & A Few Others

I found myself with another pile of trades from the library recently and figured I’d write about all four of them. Two of the experiences were great, the others? Not so much. Let’s start with the good!

sensation comics vol 1I’m a big proponent of anthologies in comics. At their best, they’re a great way to both test new talent and also give those with a lot more experience the chance to write or draw a character they don’t otherwise get to spend much time with. Sensation Comics Volume 1 does both and to great effect. This is one of DC’s digital-first books that allows creators to just go wild telling whatever kind of Wonder Woman story they want to from any of her many eras. It was nice to see the pre-New 52 costume so many times for this fan of that bygone era! Continue reading DC Trade Post: Sensation Comics Volume 1, Mad Love & A Few Others

Ad It Up: Mister Miracle

I first became familiar with Mister Miracle as a member of the Justice League long before I knew who Jack Kirby was. I loved how fun and energetic he was and even at a young age appreciate the relationship he and Big Barda had as a married superhero couple. I would go on to become a gigantic Kirby fan, especially his Mister Miracle book. I’ve read a few of the issues advertised in this issue of COPS #7 from 1989. The series started off with eight issues written by J.M. DeMatteis, followed by a Len Wein run and finished out by Doug Moench. That’s a pretty stellar line-up of writers. Anyone read all these issues? How to they hold up to the JLI stuff?