6 More Rad Lines From CustomCon 24

Okay, so after finding out about CustomCon on Wednesday and writing about the 8 Raddest Figures I saw on there up until that point and then going back through 23 previous CustomCons, I finally got through the remaining entries and found six more favorites. Again, I’ve got to say that everything posted has been inspiring, even the lines I didn’t link to.
Captain Power by HipsterDufus

HipsterDufus created these updated versions of Captain Power and I’m super pumped. Hopefully Mattel or Hasbro will pick this line up and include the rad TV (or maybe even internet) powered action features.

Gaslight Green Lantern & Sinestro by Sillof

I really wish there was a group shot form Sillof‘s Gaslight Legion of Doom figures along with their JLA counterparts. Check out all of them here. I really appreciate his ingenuity and imagination, taking these well-known characters and putting a different spin in them. Seriously, how can you not like that adorably dandy Sinestro?

Friday The 13th MiniMates by Mini-Myte

It’s like Mini-Myte designed this set to appeal specifically to me. I love me some Jason and of course, I’m a big MiniMate fan, so this is right up my alley. Get on these Diamond! I need some slashers in my Christmas Village next year.

A Hard Day's Night Beatles MiniMates by Luke Porter

Again, I can’t resist awesome MiniMates and these black and white Beatles from their movie A Hard Days Night are indeed awesome. Luke Porter has done some stuff for ToyFare if I remember correctly and he always does a great job.

Jack T Chance Green Lantern Mego by The Knights Round Table

This is but one of the many fantastic Green Lanterns created by The Knights Round Table. Do yourself a favor and click this link to give them all a look. There’s even a Black Lantern in there!

Contest of Champions International Heroes by Ibentmyman-thing

Ending with these Contest of Champions International Heroes figures is kind of funny because I’m honestly not familiar with many of these characters. But, Ibentmyman-thing’s Marvel Legends-style figures are not only really well done, but the painting is spot on and not too shiny. I’ve looked through hundreds of custom figures in the past week and that’s the one big thing that seems to set the great apart from the pretty good.

So, after being steeped in so many customs lately, I’m going to do a couple of my own. One’s a secret because I’m surprised that no one has ever done it, but the other will be a Guy Gardner Warrior figure from when he had the tattoos and could morph and whatnot (hey, that was my jam back then). Hopefully you’ve seen some rad figures and will maybe be giving the whole customizing thing a shot yourself.

Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village 2009

Well, it took longer than I expected to get these pics of this year’s MiniMate Christmas Village up. First I tried taking pics with my phone because I’m lazy and it’s easier to send them to the computer via Bluetooth than plugging the camera in. Those sucked so had to bust out the camera, but it was pretty rough because they’re so small. I also made this crappy video with my phone which probably ended up being more work than it would have been if I just got my actual camera out and used it, but what are you gonna do. It’s pretty pixelated, but it gives you a general idea. Hit the jump after the video for all the pics and brief commentary.

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Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village

Last year Em was really excited to put up a full-on Christmas village in our place. We had purchased a giant bookshelf that year and decided it would double as our mantle. She set the whole thing up and it looked pretty fantastic, but it was clearly missing something: action figures. She graciously let me add a smattering of MiniMates and Kenner Star Wars toys and I think it turned out pretty well. Hit the jump for the full experience. Continue reading Christmas Stories: MiniMate Christmas Village