Halloween Scene 2019: Vertigo

As I mentioned in my Halloween Scene 2019 kick-off post, I’ve decided to stick to Vertigo comics this scare season. The reason for that is two fold. First, the imprint was officially shuttered earlier this year and second, I was already pretty close to finishing up House Of Mystery.

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Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: David’s Sandman T-Shirt

Oh David, how I love watching Roseanne just to see what comic-themed T-shirt you’ll be wearing under your layers of 90s-tastic clothes. I saw that pasty mug looking out at me and instantly recognized Neil Gaiman’s classic Sandman character Morpheus and just had to grab my camera phone. I didn’t realize until searching that that it’s actually a Kelley Jones image and you can buy your own over on TeeNormous. Here’s a better look at the image on the shirt.

Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: The Endless

The hardest part about snapping these pictures of my television with my phone is getting the comic image in frame. I’ll see it, or see that the action is moving up to the bedrooms and try to get ready, but the characters usually zoom right by the poster, giving me just enough time to glimpse it, but not a lot to snap a picture in. Today’s entry is what I thought was an Endless poster featuring the first family of Vertigo’s amazing Sandman (which I’m re-reading right now). See it over Becky’s left shoulder on the door there? Turns out it’s actually a wall scroll and unlike most of the previous installments of Roseanne Comics Cavalcade, I was actually able to track down the full image and here it is.Very cool.