What I’ve Been Up To Lately

First off, I got some new business cards after going to MoCCA and the missus telling me it would be inappropriate for me to just write my info on the back of my old ToyFare cards. Need cards? Head over to VistaPrint and you can get 250 for free!

So the biggest new news I’ve got is that I’m doing daily reporting for UGO.com’s The Goods section covering comics, toys, collectibles, DVDs, tech and other stuff you can buy. I’m doing around three posts a day, but you can just click here to see what I’ve done so far. Oh, I also did this list of cool geek clothing items that was fun to put together.

I’ve also had a few Topless Robot lists go up like The Top 20 Nods, Cameos and Easter Eggs in Alan Moore’s Top 10 Comics and The 12 Coolest Sandman Characters Who Aren’t Dream. Both were a lot of fun to put together and the commenters seem to like it.

Of course, my Maxim TV column is still going on, I actually turned in next week’s earlier today. Here‘s this week’s column.

Over on Clik I had a few stories go up. Every time I do one of these “we want to see” lists I hope to get an email asking me to become a consultant or video game writer. How do you get that job anyway? This time I did lists about comic book artists whose style should be used in games, licensed game fails and 90s comics that should be turned into games.

And last but not least I have been doing a ton of stories for Marvel.com: Sideshow Iron Man collectibles, Earth’s Mightiest Costumes: Hawkeye, Bowen’s Wendigo and Iron Man, Hot Toys’ Whiplash figure, the new Atlas series, talking with my buddy Jim McCann about Hawkeye & Mockingbird, a new Infinity Gauntlet book, Captain America: Patriot and the new New X-Force book. I’m sure there’s more that I’ve missed, this is the bulk of the posts.

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