Casting Internets

My pal Jim McCann was on The freaking Price is Right! It was so cool watching him, unfortunately he got robbed. Dude gives great face, though, doesn’t he?

Reading my buddy Sean Collins‘ review of Contagion makes me want to get it from Netflix again and hope for a copy that isn’t scratched to crap.

I feel strangely proud that Dan Trachtenberg is going to direct a Y: The Last Man movie. I was a big fan of The Totally Rad show and miss the podcast more than I thought, but am happy those guys are getting out there and doing their respective things. Also, that’s just a great book that I know he gets. (via THR)scott c showdowns the stuff

I love Scott C’s Showdowns, I also love when I happen to have seen one of the more obscure movies he does for the first time a few months before he draws things like this one based on The Stuff.

Crank and Gamer in 3D? I would love to see that. Don’t know if my brain could handle it, thought. (via THR)

Rolling Stone reports that Jack White found a recording of his pre-White Stripes band Jack White and the Bricks from 1999 recorded in a Detroit bowling alley. It’s going to be presented on white vinyl but is exclusive to TMR Vault members. Anyone have an extra $240 I can just have to get all their releases this year, that’d be rad. mike mignola catwoman

Gah, Mike Mignola drew Catwoman! Don’t know if I’ve seen this before, but I’m glad The Mary Sue posted it cause it’s radtacular. Much as I love Hellboy, I’d love to see him get back into the Big Two every now and then.

There’s going to be a Doctor Who audio drama starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann called “The Light at the End.” I very much want to hear this. (via Hero Complex)

I really enjoyed Charles P. Pierce’s “The Chris Christie Conundrum” on This opening sentence is fantastic: Ever since it realized that the entire Republican nominating process was a competition between grifters and fools that only made sense if it produced the one man in the field whom nobody really liked, America’s courtier press has been turning itself into a pretzel trying to avoid the obvious fact that the Republican party has become demented.”

Sean Lennon’s noise rock duo Mystical Weapons sounds pretty interesting. I have no idea what noise rock means, by the way. (via Rolling Stone)

Disney’s Infinity game sounds pretty interesting. I like the concept of trying to recreate playing with a bunch of toys from different lines in video game form. Not excited about having to buy actual toys to play in the game I assume you’ll have to pay for, though. (via THR)

I love seeing trailers for Jason Statham movies on TV and have therefore had a great time seeing all the Parker ads. Anyway, while he talked to Collider about that movie, they also got updates on Homeland and Expendables 3. I think it’s rad how he’s gotten in with the old guard of action guys to the point where Stallone is rewriting scripts that he intended to star in for Statham. That’s got to feel awesome.

Whoa, Tom Morello’s filling in for Stevie Van Zandt on Bruce Springsteen’s Australian tour? I would like those shows recorded, someone make it happen. (via Rolling Stone)

Lastly, I’m excited that DC‘s reprinting Jack Kirby’s In The Days Of The Mob! I wonder how much more of his material there is to reprint, anyone know?

Ad It Up: Streets Of Rage (1992)

Holy crap. Is there any more evidence as to how far we’ve come as video game players than this 17-year-old ad for the original Streets Of Rage for the Sega Genesis? I don’t normally feel old, but when I think about how much I used to play Streets of Rage 2 and 3, this makes me feel it in my bones. And also, the whole 17-year-old thing. I can feel the creek in my thumbs like a storm’s rolling in. Anyway, the game series that would eventually go on to star a kangaroo and a kid sport rollerblades started off as this incredible lame ad in comics like Brave And The Bold Green Arrow, The Question & The Butcher #2 in 1992. I’m sure people remember the game much more than the comic, but just look at how poorly they advertised this game. “Choose from a shocking amount of socks and belts”? What the hell does that even mean? That doesn’t make me want to kill 2,000 of the exact same bad guy and then 500 of one that is fat and has a baseball theme. Thank God, Sega go their shit straight and went for what the kids really want, the aforementioned kangaroo and kid on rollerblades. Whew!

Ad It Up: Kid Chameleon

I loved Kid Chameleon for the Sega Genesis. I remember stumbling upon it at my local video store, thinking the box looked cool (it is a kid hero with sunglasses and a ton of helmets) and renting it. I went on to rent it probably more than any other Sega game. I even remember trying to buy it used after the first Funcoland opened in Toledo and never came across one. Just look at how rad this ad is though. You’ve got an illustrated Corey Feldman-type in a leather jacket and the aforementioned sunglasses PLUS he’s on a skateboard. All these things might seem passe now, but if I was reading comics back in 1992 when this ad was published in Brave And The Bold Green Arrow, The Questions & The Butcher #6, I would have been sold (like I was when I saw the much smaller game box). What made the game itself awesome was the myriad of helmets and hats you would come across that would give you special abilities and turn you into different characters (I remember a guy with a metal head–sort of like Ram Man– and a samurai). With another favorite game of mine A Boy And His Blob recently getting a reboot, I have high (though unfounded) hopes that Kid Chameleon will join the ranks. With an imaginative design team and enough time to put out a killer product, a new KC game could offer up all kinds of play fun skewing into all kinds of different genres. Let me know if you need help with the story!