Ad It Up: Streets Of Rage (1992)

Holy crap. Is there any more evidence as to how far we’ve come as video game players than this 17-year-old ad for the original Streets Of Rage for the Sega Genesis? I don’t normally feel old, but when I think about how much I used to play Streets of Rage 2 and 3, this makes me feel it in my bones. And also, the whole 17-year-old thing. I can feel the creek in my thumbs like a storm’s rolling in. Anyway, the game series that would eventually go on to star a kangaroo and a kid sport rollerblades started off as this incredible lame ad in comics like Brave And The Bold Green Arrow, The Question & The Butcher #2 in 1992. I’m sure people remember the game much more than the comic, but just look at how poorly they advertised this game. “Choose from a shocking amount of socks and belts”? What the hell does that even mean? That doesn’t make me want to kill 2,000 of the exact same bad guy and then 500 of one that is fat and has a baseball theme. Thank God, Sega go their shit straight and went for what the kids really want, the aforementioned kangaroo and kid on rollerblades. Whew!

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