Ad It Up: Kid Chameleon

I loved Kid Chameleon for the Sega Genesis. I remember stumbling upon it at my local video store, thinking the box looked cool (it is a kid hero with sunglasses and a ton of helmets) and renting it. I went on to rent it probably more than any other Sega game. I even remember trying to buy it used after the first Funcoland opened in Toledo and never came across one. Just look at how rad this ad is though. You’ve got an illustrated Corey Feldman-type in a leather jacket and the aforementioned sunglasses PLUS he’s on a skateboard. All these things might seem passe now, but if I was reading comics back in 1992 when this ad was published in Brave And The Bold Green Arrow, The Questions & The Butcher #6, I would have been sold (like I was when I saw the much smaller game box). What made the game itself awesome was the myriad of helmets and hats you would come across that would give you special abilities and turn you into different characters (I remember a guy with a metal head–sort of like Ram Man– and a samurai). With another favorite game of mine A Boy And His Blob recently getting a reboot, I have high (though unfounded) hopes that Kid Chameleon will join the ranks. With an imaginative design team and enough time to put out a killer product, a new KC game could offer up all kinds of play fun skewing into all kinds of different genres. Let me know if you need help with the story!

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