Welcome to the Hellmouth: Buffy Season 1

1:00:56 am

So, there used to be this show that I’m sure most of you have heard about called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well, back when I was a sophomore in high school, my friend Randy told me about this show. It was in its second season at the time, but I just jumped in and started watching. Luckily for me, the WB used to show these things called reruns that got me caught up on most of the first and second seasons. One thing that I really enjoyed was that Buffy was only one year older than me (when she was a senior, I was a junior). I was so into the series that I actually taped every episode I saw, sometimes cutting out the commercials (and usually screwing that up) and even going so far as to make my own tape covers which had promo shots on the front and an episode list on the back, just like the bootlegs I’d buy at comic conventions (I’ll take some pics when I go home in a few months to really show you how big of a dork I was).

Also, Buffy was a big reason that Em and I got together. We had met a few times, but since we were both Buffy fans we’d meet up with a few other people and watch in the common room every week.

So, yeah, I’m a fan of Buffy, though, surprising as it might sound, not one of the uber-fans, though I’m not sure what differentiates me from them. Anyway, I’ve been picking up the Buffy seasons as they go on sale at Best Buy (I’m all about value), but haven’t really sat down to watch them all in a row for a while. I talked to Em, that girl I watched season five with and eventually married, and convinced her to rewatch the series with me. So we started Sunday at the beginning. And it turns out that she hadn’t actually seen the first season and it sounds like she hasn’t seen all of season two, so I’m excited to watch it with her.

Season One seems to have a bit of a bad wrap amongst some of the people I’ve talked to. Sure, the show doesn’t look as good as it does later on and the plots get a little repetitive (character A falls in love with character B who turns out to be D-monic), but upon re-watching season one (for maybe the third time) I realized that I really like these episodes. I was also surprised at how many lines I remembered.

And MAN, is the Master creepy. So is that freakin’ little kid. Can’t wait till Spike…well, you know. Personal highlights include the first two episodes (I used to have the original, different Willow pilot on bootleg, that’s very similar), “Nightmares” in which Buffy tries to help a different creepy little kid who’s making everyone’s nightmares come to life and the season finale “Prophecy Girl” where she actually dies then comes back and kills the Master.

Season One definitely isn’t my favorite, but it watched a lot better than I remembered it would and I can’t freakin’ wait to get into Season Two (we started tonight). That’s the season that I started watching and still remains as one of (if not the) favorite season (3’s pretty rad too).

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