Alias The Final Season

I wouldn’t have thought that after my reviews of the first and second, then the third seasons of Alias that the series finale would leave me feeling kinda bummed out (though, if you read my review the the fourth season, it might not seem too out there).

This season saw the real and fake deaths of plenty of characters, the return of former regular cast members, the birth of Sydney and Vaughn’s baby, characters switching sides and the introduction of two new characters. One played by Rachel Nichols (Scarlett in the G.I. Joe movie, which I still haven’t seen) and Balthazar Getty from the very first (and most watched) David Lynch movie I ever saw Lost Highway. Their characters offer the writers to tread a lot of the same beaten paths we’ve come to expect from the show, but, like the previous season, it doesn’t really bother me and I grow to like the new characters all the while growing more and more fond of the existing ones.

This was a tough series finale because one of my favorite characters dies, but they do it saving the world, so it makes me feel a little bit better. I also like the very end of the series which jumps several years into the future and shows their daughter a little more grown up. There’s an interesting little tease there that I wonder if anyone has ever thought about picking up. Maybe Abrams didn’t get it out of his system which is why he went on to do Mission: Impossible 3 and his new upcoming spy show on NBC. We shall see.

So, in the end, I’m not sure if I can recommend watching Alias all the way through. Left to my own devices, I don’t know if I would have gotten past the first two seasons (interestingly, the ones that everyone says are brilliant), but now, 5 seasons later I find myself liking the characters and feeling like I might even miss them. But I guess you might miss anyone who’s spent so many hours in your house with you, even if it was just on a TV screen.

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