The Ruins Rundown

Holy crap you guys, what a crazy freaking episode. I can’t believe how this went down.

How could the Champions think it’s a good idea to throw Wes AND Ev in and get them mad? Wes tried to make amends this episode and they spit right in his face. Gah. If Wes and Ev had come back and were super pissed, they would have thrown the missions like mad. Later on when Wes is talking to Even it’s nuts that he didn’t think that Ev wouldn’t get pissed that she has to go into the Ruins against her best friend on the challenge. Maybe he was lying or maybe he really is a dummy. I think he was lying though, because he’s surprisingly devious.

The challenge itself was fairly interesting, though it didn’t seem to be that hard. Swinging on a rope didn’t offer up challenges to anyone but Shauvon. I think I could even do this. Maybe. I dunno, I’d try at least. With Shauvon gone the Challengers should have a better shot at winning. Later when she came in and was telling everyone what happened, it was pretty boring.

Oh man, there’s so many things I want to talk about. Let’s get my thoughts organized. Alright, here we go. After getting the news, watching Wes and Ev go off is pretty fantastic, especially the part where Wes kind of lunges at Johnny and Johnny flinches like you just showed a little girl a spider and THEN Johnny says that he’d kick Wes’s ass. Amazing. Em hates Johnny more than anyone on this show and now I find myself hating Suzy which surprises the crap out of me. This is the “Timmy’s In My Winny” girl! Gah!!! What have the challenges done to you Suzy?!

Real quick, Johnny said this “Any bridges that were burned before have been torched.” I think he was talking about Wes who had actually tried to repair those bridges with everyone.

So, the Ruins challenge comes down to Wes vs. Nick and Ev vs. KellyAnne. And it’s this crazy thing with ropes tied to each player’s wrists and ankles. It looked like a fight between Spider-Man and Venom where they just got stuck. It even started raining, which was pretty epic. Nick didn’t stand a chance, but I got really nervous when I saw Wes fall in the very first round. See, I was out of the room for a second and so I didn’t know it was the best out of five. Seriously, my heart was racing.

The Ev/KellyAnne match-up was crazy. Ev was going pretty strong, wearing KA down. And then they show her standing there looking like a crazy from a horror movie just playing with KA. And then she throws it! Why not just jump down three times and be done with it instead of screwing with her like that? Even Kenny thought that was funky. You can tell this challenge is toying with my emotions because I’m hating Suzy and agreeing with Kenny. Yeesh.

So that pretty much wraps up my thoughts on the main episode. I’m sitting here and watching the post show or whatever they call it and there’s a few other fun points. I love Wes’s rant about Kenny being a former fat kid who got skinny and handsome. Reminds me of this dude I used to work with back home. Like he’s the same person but not from Jersey. Speaking of Kenny, they showed a clip from the normal challenge where Kenny said something to Dunbar and Dunbar went after Kenny. You can tell there’s a lot going on in an episode when they can’t even fit all the fights into an episode.

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