The Ruins Rundown: The Reunion

So get this, I completely missed The Ruins Reunion this week. I know, you must be shocked. I’m sure we were doing something really important too (like watching a movie or some such). Anyway, we caught it today while flipping through channels and it was alright. Nothing huge or dramatic went down. There were probably only a dozen or so people. Let’s see if I can remember them, you had most of the finalists so that’s Evan, Kenny, Susie, Johnny, KellyAnne and Sarah. Wes, Veronica, Katie, Brad, Johanna and Dunbar (I used the clip on MTV’s site for the full line-up).

As per usual, you get a lot of explanations for questionable behavior that start off with “You’ve got to understand, that we’re all locked in a house and…” That phrase or a very similar one starts off several comments on why people got in fights, hopped into bed with each other etc. etc. etc. There wasn’t a lot of dirt, though. Dunbar kinda sorta said he went down on Sarah. Johnny said he thinks some people on his own team made deals, meaning they offered other people money to take a fall or go out of the game. Johanna said and Wes confirmed that they were never actually engaged. Susie may or may not have slept with one of the sound guys who was British. Brad’s still really sorry about getting in a fight with Darrell. Katie really likes Sarah and she feels bad about tearing into her. Veronica’s not sorry about getting into it with Tanya and pushing her to the point where Tonya slapped her, but the group was divided on whether she was to blame as much as Tonya. Brad said he probably won’t do another challenge unless Tori’s there. Susie doesn’t like Wes because he threw a challenge when he felt his back was up against a wall, but she said several times that she would throw the final challenge if the boys were mean to her. The host lady calls Kenny and Evan the new mean girls of the show.

That sums it up pretty well, but I know my fellow fans out there will be checking it out online or in rerun form like we did. Also, be on the lookout for The Shit They Shoulda Shown next week. I probably won’t be able to catch it because that’s when the folks are coming in for Christmas. Also, note how the host lady pauses every time she says shit on the reuinion episode. I kind of blanked out any time she was talking, so every time she said the name of the clip show, I thought she was dropping f-bombs. Alas, she was just drawing it out like a weirdo.

The Ruins Rundown: Season Finale

Damn you guys, this was one crazy Real World/Road Rules challenge. There were tons of fights both physical and verbal, flirting, hooking up, blood and tears. You know, all the usual stuff. The overall season was pretty lopsided towards the Champions team, though, that shouldn’t really be a surprise, especially with the Evan/Kenny alliance (they’re like the Wu-Tang Clan you guys, all the ties haven’t even been figured out yet). The final came down to five people on the Champions team: Kenny, Evan, Derrick, Johnny and Susie, while the Challengers featured just two ladies, KellyAnne and Sarah. So how’d it go down? Let me tell you, and it’s not even a live blog this time!

The episode started off with about a half hour or so of nonsense. You see the guys doing stupid crap like pouring wax on each other (hot) and playing butts up (which we used to play, but with our pants on) in grade school. Oh yeah, there’s also a lot of pot shots taken at Sarah mostly by Kenny. The funny thing is that Kenny rags on Sarah saying that she was just a nerd who got on TV and now thinks she’s hot shit. Sound familiar Kenny? He also calls her fat and it’s a known fact that Kenny is a former fat kid. There’s even a part where Johnny Bananas tells the camera he thinks Kenny’s being too harsh. When Johnny Bananas thinks you’re being a douche, look out man, that’s badness.

So, finally we get to the final challenge. For the record, I went in hoping the Challs pull this out over the Champs, which seems like a big possibility considering they have fewer people to work with. Things start off with a weird food eating contest. It was all pretty gross stuff like bugs and super hot chilies and I think brains, I missed what the yellowish white thing were. Kenny said this “I feel like I’m eating the asshole of the dirties bum I’ve ever met,” which may or may not be more telling than he intended. Each person on the team had to eat one of each thing. This is a pretty great equalizer challenge, which gave the Challs a leg up. From there, they go to a central point with four different paths leading to four different paths with four artifacts at the end of each challenge. Once you get all five artifacts (there was one from the eating challenge), a secret door opens and you’re off to the next part.

With their lead, the Challs take the nearest path and end up doing a giant jigsaw puzzle. The Champs aren’t too far behind, even though they somehow got lost running from the eating challenge to the puzzle. Soon enough the Challs kill the puzzle, scatter the pieces and move on to a challenge where they have to crawl through the mud under a net, grab the artifact and then crawl back. The Challs finish this and then head back to the artifact drop-off, putting them solidly up by one artifact. The Champs finally finish the jigsaw puzzle and both teams end up at a course made up of poles a few feet off the ground. Every player has to complete the course without falling off, get the artifact and then come back. If even one person falls, they all have to do it over again. It seems like the Challs have the edge on this one again because they have fewer players and Evan ends up falling on the first leg of it. But, as it turns out, KellyAnne went really slowly, which allowed the Champs to finish ahead of them and move on to the mud crawl.

So, while the Sarah’s waiting for KellyAnne, who’s behind he by half the course, the Champs are pushing Susie, who’s understandably exhausted, through the mud. She’s moving pretty slow, but doesn’t quit. Both teams end up at the artifact drop-off at the same time, which means they’re tied and then move on to the final artifact challenge which is another puzzle, but this one’s a brain teaser. Something about moving these giant puzzle pieces and putting them in stacks. I completely didn’t understand it and for the most part, neither did the teams. With both teams struggling (and Evan’s correct assessment that Kenny and Johnny are useless when it comes to puzzles and Derrick is less than useless, leaving it to him and Susie). Finally, Susie figures out the answer (you know this because they showed a graphic of the answer again on the screen). They of course scatter the puzzle pieces and move on to the artifact drop-off where they place the final artifact and get a larger one that they have to carry while running off into the distance.They even pass by the Challs while they’re still working on the brain teaser.

Part of the puzzle rules include a caveat that, if you haven’t finished it in 30 minutes, you can grab the artifact and each player has to carry one of the giant, heavy puzzle pieces back to the drop-off, which the ladies do. They place their last artifact and then they’re off. At this point, the Champs are way ahead, but it seems like the Challs might still be in it. Susie gets carried for a good deal of this leg by the guys. They even hit what looks like an obstacle course, which gave me a small semblance of hope that their bigger numbers and Susie’s tiredness might give the Challs a chance to win it, but alas, it was not meant to be. The Champs had too much of a lead and dragged themselves across the finish line, which happened to be The Ruins, where thy put the final, larger artifact in place, which exploded a wall to reveal their giant check.

So, while I was hoping for an upset and the Challs to come ahead with a win, that didn’t happen and I was left a little pissed, but I’m used to it being a Notre Dame and Steelers fan this season. Don’t worry my fellow MTV reality junkies, Jersey Shore is soldering on and Real World: D.C. will be starting in the next couple weeks and you know what that means? We’re only a few months away from the next challenge! Hopefully that one won’t be so one-sided and maybe even split up the lameness that is the Evan/Kenny alliance. Wouldn’t it be great for them to actually prove their worth? That’d be nice.

The Ruins Rundown

Wow you guys. Just wow. What a crazy episode. The first episode had more craziness and people getting sent home for breaking the rules than the last two episodes combined! That was followed by a pretty terrifying, but one-sided challenge and then a surprisingly quick deliberation process only to be left with figurative blue balls thanks to a “To Be Continued” ending. Anyway, here’s my live blog of the situation. As you can see, it was pretty intense. Hit the jump for all the goodness.

*Interesting, Dunbar doesn’t want to drink. Good for him.

*Darrell would have a pretty big target on him if the Challengers could actually win.

*Woah, Susie just got KellyAnne naked. And now she’s hugging Susie…and Darrell.

*”It looks like the best looking guys are are going to get rich.” – Evan. That made me laugh HARD.

*Haha, I love when a drunk people try to tell other drunk people they need to relax and talk about things when they’re sober. Well done Brad.

*Woah, KellyAnne is an UGLY crier.

*I’m hoping that the fight between Brad and Darrell that they showed in the preview takes place before the challenge, because it might mean that Darrell gets sent home, which would really throw things for a loop.

*Now Brad is getting upset and arguing with someone who is drunk while he’s drunk which is what he was trying to stop in the first place.

*”It’s not my birthday anymore.” – KellyAnne. She said it really sad and dramatic-like.

*Oh god, Brad, stop just butting in on peoples’ conversations.

*It’s not a good sign when Johnny Bananas thinks you’re being an ass.

*Woah, Brad is losing his shit. He pushed Derrick away, then kicked him, then a piece of junk on the floor.

*There it is, Darrell has had enough, knocks Brad down and punches him in the face. Will this be the end of him for the game? That would mean that Kenny, Evan or Derrick would have to go in, though that’s what they said would be the case anyway.

*Woah, he laid into him like crazy. Darrell’s gotta be gone now. I wonder where his money goes.

*Shit, he’s bleeding a lot. Now he’s breaking shit.

*Wow, they both got sent home.

*WOAH, his eye looks crazy. Darrell really messed him up. I can’t even look at the TV.


*I wonder what would happen if Dunbar got sent home. What would they do without boys?

*Huh, a team of all girls would be interesting.

*Haha “You were the one playing ‘just the tip with me.'” – Dunbar.

*Are we finally going to see Dunbar flip his gourde again? That might be too much for one episode. We haven’t gotten to the challenge yet!

*Susie’s right, she should be able to choose who she goes in against. I like that she’s threatening to throw the last mission, but it’s kind of backwards. She threatens to throw things ahead of time might blow up in her face.

*Haha, Dunbar’s angels. I’d buy a T-shirt with that on it.

*Uh-oh, they’re letting them out of the house. We haven’t even gotten to the challenge yet and it’s 10:31.

*Haha, Sarah likes Kenny. She deserves him, the pair a weirdos.

*Kenny just said “I don’t want to kiss no girl! What is this, seventh grade?” Interesting…

*Interesting, Brad and Darrell’s money goes into the final pot.

*Oh snap, now that the numbers are so low, they have to deliberate on which player is exempt from the ruins. This time it’s Evan (because Johnny might still play some shady stuff) and Sarah because she just went in.

*This challenge is pretty scary. Trying to knock someone off a fence hanging really high off of a building. Kind of reminds me of that pulley challenge a few years back when Julie almost killed…Veronica? Or someone?

*Kenny was actually nice and didn’t shake it against Kim.

*Johnny’s like a monkey climbing across that thing.

*It would make sense to knock the other person off because that adds a lot more time to the clock.

*Evan beats Dunbar.

*Derrick’s shaking that stuff like crazy. I’m guessing it’s just because Evan told him to jump and Derrick’s their monkey.

*GAH, they keep playing that damn Gap holiday commercial!!!

*Hey, at least Sarah didn’t fall. Good for her.

*Peace out Casey.

*But will Susie try and throw it? Doesn’t look like it. Hell, she doesn’t really need to throw it because Casey’s time is probably longer than 15 minutes.

*Casey singing “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” is really sad. At least she did it though.

*Man, the Challengers SUCK. They didn’t beat a single Champions member in the race and then complain about Casey sucking.

*”Susie, god bless her amish looks.” – Evan, haha.

*They should let Susie go against Casey this time, then figure out what happens in the next game. I guess it’s kind of sort of nice that they let her go against Kim. But what about if she wins?

*Oh man, I want Kenny to go in SO BAD!!!

*Haha, Kenny should be on this Jersey Shore show. Em knows someone who knows him from hanging out on the Shore. Yech.

*I don’t think they’re going to get to the Ruins tonight. It’s 10:52 right now. Are we even going to find out who’s going in from the guys on this episode?

*”He’s a grade A douchebag.” – Susie regarding Johnny.

*Derrick wants Johnny to go in, so he does it. I hope he loses. Then one of the three muskadouches will have to go in.

*I just thought of something. They should come in and tell the wrong person they’re going into the Ruins, just to throw them off their game. Can they do that?

*Haha, Susie’s trying to get Kim to quit. Not gonna happen chickie.

*Oh snap it’s raining! That will make for an awesome Ruins…next week.

*Ragdoll is the Ruins game. You’ve got to pull the rope out of the other player’s hand. It should be even more interesting in the rain. I love rain games!

*Ahhh, even though I knew you were coming “To Be Continued” screen, I still hate you.

The Ruins Rundown

I was going to wait around for MTV to put up pics from tonight’s episode of The Ruins, but I know you all are just dying to hear what I have to say. So, here’s a live blog of the episode, which was interesting enough, but looks like the next one will be super crazy. Can’t wait.

*Susie would totally bone Cohutta.

*Truth or Dare. They must be super bored. Nice cutaway to the see no evil monkey

*”Sounds like two animals wrestling, let’s investigate.” – Evan

*Oh man, Kim and Dunbar?! He was a violent psychopath on your season!

*Everyone wants Casey gone. The Challengers need to win so they can throw Casey in against Susie. Meanwhile, the Champions are telling Casey she’s not going in because she’s an asset to them. Whew, if that’s not motivation I don’t know what is. Also, if they win that could give Cohutta a rest as far as the Ruins go.

*Johanna says she’ll go in and that she doesn’t care anymore. Interesting.

*Hmm, interesting point Susie. The girls don’t have anything to lose by going into the ruins.

*Derrick’s proposition that between Evan, Kenny and Darrell going in, whoever volunteers gets a free pass to the final is an interesting one. Why do I feel like they’re bullshitting and Darrell’s screwed?

*Wow, rolling people down a hill in a tire. Very redneck.

*Cohutta refers to himself as “my hillbilly self” and knows that it won’t be fun.

*Evan’s kinda sorta but not really putting himself on the chopping block by being the tracker. In theory that’s a make or break position.

*Wow, Susie is FREAKING OUT.


*Oh no, what if Sarah’s hurt and has to go home? She seems okay now, but we’ll see.

*Suzie’s looking weak.

*Gah, the Champions won by 9.5 minutes. Friggin Casey.

*Darrell picks Cohutta, Johanna Sarah. They want Darrell to take Dunbar? That would be a tough one for him to win.

*Get ready for the eventual betrayal Darrell. Also, Sarah’s gonna beat the shit out of Johanna.

*Johanna’s “out of it” which means she’s making excuses early on on why she’s gonna lose. She said she didn’t want to choose Casey because it would be embarrassing. More excuses.

*Woah, the Ruins sounds terrifying. I’m not cool with near drowning.

*Of course Johanna’s out. Peace out loser.It’s pretty cool how the glass shatters when you pull the lever. Doesn’t seem safe, but it’s cool.

*NOO, Cohutta lost!

*Woah, Susie gave him quite a kiss. (Not really, it was pretty tame).

*Yeah Brad, yell at Casey. Her A-game sucks.

The Ruins Rundown

One of these days I’m going to get a DVR. See, as it is, I don’t think I can get one or full-on digital cable in our place because the wiring in the building is too old. A year ago we were told that Verizon Fios offered to come in and set everyone up for their services externally whether you wanted it or not for free. But they still haven’t moved into our city yet from what I can tell. This is all a roundabout way to tell you that I didn’t get to watch The Ruins all at once this week. I was busy being interviewed along with my TTT cohorts for next week’s War Rocket Ajax podcast which was a lot of fun. Look for that next Monday (I’m sure I’ll link to it). Luckily, they play The Ruins again right after playing it the first time, so I caught most of it, but not all. Which means I had to wait until now to write up a full review on the entire show. Did anyone care about that? Probably not. Anyway, since it took me so long to watch the whole episode, I’m just going to post my notes and call this a live blog after the jump. Hit it!

*Haha, Suzie says that if KellyAnne gets bounced it would be good for her, then Johanna corrects her “us.” Sorry chica, she does not care about you.

*Dunbar might be proving that he’s not a walking powder keg this season.

*Yes Johnny, everyone’s gunning for you because you’re an asshat. Also, those guys don’t care about you, you’re just there.

*Is it me or is all Kenny good for this season is adding color commentary during the interview process?

*Johnny of COURSE Evan’s playing the game for himself and not you!

*Oh Veronica, don’t talk about throwing the mission. But it’s true that she will always get thrown in between Johanna and Suzie.

*Everyone’s pretty dumb about setting up their strategy for the challenge. It makes the most sense to have the dudes tossing over and the girls catching.

*The challenge involves throwing and catching fruit and moving it. Huh.

*The over-the-head backwards throw seems to make the most sense.

*Those pointy fruits look scary.

*Once again, Kenny ain’t really doing shit.

*Sorry children of Thailand who were hoping for some fresh fruit, an American TV show full of drunks needed them for a game. Yes, a game.

*Of course the Champions win. Blerg.

*The idea of taking on someone with the most money is a concept we haven’t seen yet. I wonder if the money is posted somewhere that they can see.

*The Champions deliberation is annoying. Johnny Bananas tells Veronica she can’t choose her own opponent because that’s not how it’s been done in the past.

*Evan’s plan is so obvious, why doesn’t anyone see it? Oh snap, Veronica’s in the room. That’s awesome. Hopefully this will come back to bite Suzie and Johanna.

*So it’s Veronica vs. KellyAnne and Syrus vs. Cohutta.

*Johnny worked his devil magic to get Syrus thrown in so him and Derrick wouldn’t have to.

*Derrick is really coming off as a huge pussy throughout this season. I’m shocked that no one has tried to make a counter alliance. Maybe if Syrus comes back (which I don’t think he will unless the challenge is purely strength based) it’ll happen. As it is, the Champions team is so freakin shady.

*Suzie was saying she’s allied herself with Evan, Kenny and Johanna. There’s still enough people not in that alliance that could equal them. Really, I just want Derrick to show some sack and do something.

*Did anyone else find it odd that Cohutta and KellyAnne were talking to each other on a couch alone? Maybe Wes was on to something with the flirting thing.

*We shall see.

*This Ruins challenge is a lot crazier than the regular fruit-throwing challenge.

*I think Cohutta can do this. “I think if a man has a real good shimmy about him, he should do okay in this competition.” Yeah, attaboy!

*Hmm, interesting point Evan. If Cohutta wins and has all this money, that might actually get someone like Kenny or Evan into the Ruins. I want to make a comic called Cohutta The Giant Killer.

*That didn’t look like such a good start for Cohutta. Is this a one time thing or best of three? I should really pay better attention when they’re explaining the rules.


*HE DID IT!!! But, I’m bummed that Syrus couldn’t go back and try to make some changes. Oh well.

*Sorry Veronica, I think KellyAnne is gonna wreck your shop. That means that stupid Johanna and Suzie will have to go in.

*That has to be exhausting over a period of time. KA’s gotta be the strongest girl in this whole game.

*KA pulls off the V, sorry V.

*Well done Challengers.

*Now Evan’s trying to be all badass saying he won’t miss her. Bullshit homey.

*Now it’s just Suzie and Johanna left. Haha, Suzie thinks she’s gonna take some of the Challenger girls out. What happens if there’s no more girls?

*Johnny thinks it’s funny to fuck with Derrick? Bad idea. He leaps off his bed to attack Johnny!

*”Who brings feathers to Thailand? What are you a drag queen?” Evan RE: Johnny

*Is this gonna get Derrick sent home?

*Johnny is such an asshole. Haha, yeah, JB, being a loud asshole probably isn’t the best strategy.

*Casey does need to go, you’re right, next episode commercial!

The Ruins Rundown

Hey faithful readers, sorry I didn’t post yesterday about The Ruins, I just barely got the Dexter Season 2 Halloween Scene up in time before heading to bed. I haven’t scored a new job, so don’t start too much fanfare, I’ve actually been babysitting the last couple days and it’s going really well. Who would have thought watching a kid would be so tiring (moms and dads, that’s who). Anyway, last night’s The Ruins, wasn’t quite as crazy as the previous week’s (I wonder if they’re doing it on purpose at this point), but a lot of stuff went on that could change the game from here on out. This is a fairly long one, so hit the jump for the details and some pictures (guess who just discovered that MTV puts images up after each episode on the Ruins mini site).

We started off with a recap and update as to how crazy the love quadrilateral is between Wes, Johanna, KellyAnne and Cohutta, which came to a pretty surprising head this episode. See Wes and Johanna were engaged and KellyAnne and Cohutta dated during Real World Sydney and after (I just realized thanks to Wikipedia that Dunbar was on that same season and you never see them talk). Now Wes and KellyAnne are dating and Wes thinks Cohutta’s getting a little frisky around KA when he’s drunk. The funny thing is that there’s zero footage shown to support it, so either Wes is full of it or MTV didn’t want to to back it up.

All of this might just seem like background info, but it all comes into play this episode because…well, I’ll get to that in a minute. The main challenge was a weird one. First you had to pull the other team’s people off of a giant pole and then once that was done, you built something out of cinder blocks. Like I said, weird. The Champions won it because Evan (who is apparently Canadian, I know this because they made a huge deal out of it this episode) held on to that pole while the others built the thing.

So, with the ability to choose who was going to go in, the Champions went in to deliberate. Before that, a bunch of the girls were talking and “decided” to send Veronica in against KellyAnne. Here’s the reason that was stupid. I understand wanting to get rid of Veronica. One, the girls don’t like here and two, if she’s gone the means the money gets split between fewer people. However, it would be better for your team to send in someone who could actually take KellyAnne out instead of boosting her ego. See KA is strong and most of the girls on the Champions team are weak, the longer she’s around the more likely the Challengers will win more missions which will take money out of your pockets. Duh.

During the deliberation, Wes volunteered to go in instead of Evan and Kenny who were also on the block (which is funny because those dudes have done nothing spectacular at all this season) and decided to take Cahutta on because he was sweet on his girl. Then it’s up to the girls, but they haven’t decided on the girls so TJ Lavin comes in and takes a vote. It splits right down the middle between Veronica vs. Kimberly and Veronica vs. KA. So, in an unprecedented move, TJ brought in the entire team to vote. The kicker was that they couldn’t talk about it at all and the previous votes didn’t count. Cyrus was the first person to talk and for whatever reason he chose Ibis vs. Kimberly! I guess you ladies should keep everyone in the loop on your crazy plans. After that, pretty much everyone went along with Cy and in a crazy twist, Ibis (who also hasn’t done anything impressive the whole game) ended up going in against Kim.

The Ruins challenge involved unraveling a giant rope and jumping over a bunch of logs. In a crazy upset, Cohutta took out Wes, which brought about interview comments from Kenny about how he was glad to see Wes go. Here’s the thing Kenny, with your resident whipping boy gone, that means you and your stupid cronies will be next in line and might actually prove you inflated sense of placement.

Then the ladies were up and Kimberly whupped Ibis’s ass. Like hardcore. It was interesting. After Ibis got blindsided with getting thrown in, she was talking with a bunch of the girls about how when she comes back she’s going to change things. Heh, nope. Also, it was interesting because they didn’t show Kimberly responded to the news at all. Maybe because she went into the Ruins and killed it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this and I can’t remember if it happened before or after the Ruins, but Johnny Bananas was getting loud again and pissing people off. Even Susie, who regular readers know I’ve been hating this season, said that Johnny was the bane of her existence. Things ended with him putting an X over his mouth and saying he wouldn’t talk again. If the preview for the next episode is any indicator, not only is that total BS, but it looks like Johnny might be getting into a brawl or, more likely, getting tossed to the wolves after pissing too many people off. That would continue the crazy drama week, then less crazy drama week pattern. Can’t wait.