The Ruins Rundown

Hey faithful readers, sorry I didn’t post yesterday about The Ruins, I just barely got the Dexter Season 2 Halloween Scene up in time before heading to bed. I haven’t scored a new job, so don’t start too much fanfare, I’ve actually been babysitting the last couple days and it’s going really well. Who would have thought watching a kid would be so tiring (moms and dads, that’s who). Anyway, last night’s The Ruins, wasn’t quite as crazy as the previous week’s (I wonder if they’re doing it on purpose at this point), but a lot of stuff went on that could change the game from here on out. This is a fairly long one, so hit the jump for the details and some pictures (guess who just discovered that MTV puts images up after each episode on the Ruins mini site).

We started off with a recap and update as to how crazy the love quadrilateral is between Wes, Johanna, KellyAnne and Cohutta, which came to a pretty surprising head this episode. See Wes and Johanna were engaged and KellyAnne and Cohutta dated during Real World Sydney and after (I just realized thanks to Wikipedia that Dunbar was on that same season and you never see them talk). Now Wes and KellyAnne are dating and Wes thinks Cohutta’s getting a little frisky around KA when he’s drunk. The funny thing is that there’s zero footage shown to support it, so either Wes is full of it or MTV didn’t want to to back it up.

All of this might just seem like background info, but it all comes into play this episode because…well, I’ll get to that in a minute. The main challenge was a weird one. First you had to pull the other team’s people off of a giant pole and then once that was done, you built something out of cinder blocks. Like I said, weird. The Champions won it because Evan (who is apparently Canadian, I know this because they made a huge deal out of it this episode) held on to that pole while the others built the thing.

So, with the ability to choose who was going to go in, the Champions went in to deliberate. Before that, a bunch of the girls were talking and “decided” to send Veronica in against KellyAnne. Here’s the reason that was stupid. I understand wanting to get rid of Veronica. One, the girls don’t like here and two, if she’s gone the means the money gets split between fewer people. However, it would be better for your team to send in someone who could actually take KellyAnne out instead of boosting her ego. See KA is strong and most of the girls on the Champions team are weak, the longer she’s around the more likely the Challengers will win more missions which will take money out of your pockets. Duh.

During the deliberation, Wes volunteered to go in instead of Evan and Kenny who were also on the block (which is funny because those dudes have done nothing spectacular at all this season) and decided to take Cahutta on because he was sweet on his girl. Then it’s up to the girls, but they haven’t decided on the girls so TJ Lavin comes in and takes a vote. It splits right down the middle between Veronica vs. Kimberly and Veronica vs. KA. So, in an unprecedented move, TJ brought in the entire team to vote. The kicker was that they couldn’t talk about it at all and the previous votes didn’t count. Cyrus was the first person to talk and for whatever reason he chose Ibis vs. Kimberly! I guess you ladies should keep everyone in the loop on your crazy plans. After that, pretty much everyone went along with Cy and in a crazy twist, Ibis (who also hasn’t done anything impressive the whole game) ended up going in against Kim.

The Ruins challenge involved unraveling a giant rope and jumping over a bunch of logs. In a crazy upset, Cohutta took out Wes, which brought about interview comments from Kenny about how he was glad to see Wes go. Here’s the thing Kenny, with your resident whipping boy gone, that means you and your stupid cronies will be next in line and might actually prove you inflated sense of placement.

Then the ladies were up and Kimberly whupped Ibis’s ass. Like hardcore. It was interesting. After Ibis got blindsided with getting thrown in, she was talking with a bunch of the girls about how when she comes back she’s going to change things. Heh, nope. Also, it was interesting because they didn’t show Kimberly responded to the news at all. Maybe because she went into the Ruins and killed it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this and I can’t remember if it happened before or after the Ruins, but Johnny Bananas was getting loud again and pissing people off. Even Susie, who regular readers know I’ve been hating this season, said that Johnny was the bane of her existence. Things ended with him putting an X over his mouth and saying he wouldn’t talk again. If the preview for the next episode is any indicator, not only is that total BS, but it looks like Johnny might be getting into a brawl or, more likely, getting tossed to the wolves after pissing too many people off. That would continue the crazy drama week, then less crazy drama week pattern. Can’t wait.

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