Halloween Scene: Star Wars On The Today Show???

You know how sometimes you go to bed a little tipsy and wonder if you’re still drunk when you wake up? And then sometimes you turn on the TV and you see two women dressed up as Yoda and C-3PO on the Today Show and you’re almost 100% sure you must still be drunk or at least dreaming? That happened today, but I’m definitely not even hungover. I have no idea why, but the last hour of Today, which is hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford (3PO) and Hoda Kotb (the giant Yoda), had a number of people dressed up as characters from the Star Wars Universe like Chewbacca, a couple of Ewoks and a ton of Storm- and Clone Troopers. I have yet to figure out how to hook my computer up to my TV to get actual screencaps, so I had to make due with my phone. I think you get the idea. I even accidentally caught some of the pre-commercial animation on the screen like the Millenium Falcon and TIE Fighter stuff you can see after the jump.

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