Casting Internets

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, I’ll be posting a couple pictures from the superhero costume contest we went to this weekend later today. In the meantime, check out these links.

This has already been linked around like crazy, but the new Marvel Superheroes What The–?! from my buddies at not only has a Stan Lee voiceover, but also a zombie version of Howard the Duck. Amazing. Good job guys!

According to THR, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor — the brains behind Crank and Crank 2 — are working on a show called Zeroes that focuses on a paramilitary group called the Zeroes who jump in to put an end to a huge crisis event at the zero hour (hey, I wonder if that’s where the name comes from). NBC is supposedly interested. So am I.

io9 has a bunch of photos like the one below from Sandy Collora’s Hunter Prey. After completely geeking out over his fan film/video resume Batman: Dead End years ago, I’ve been waiting for him to bow on the big screen and this is it. io9 reports that the movie is done, fun and finishing a distribution deal now.

Finally, I don’t know anything about Astro Boy, but my buddy and fellow TTT collaborator Jon Gutierrez does and he wrote this hilarious post about AB’s humble and disturbing origins over on Comics Alliance. Definitely worth a gander.

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