Halloween Scene: The Superhero Party

Whew, I’m sure like me, you’re a bit tired of horror movies. Heck, I even sent the Netflix DVD of Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer back unwatched because it seemed super intense and I just don’t think I could watch another murder movie. So, you probably will be seeing a lot more action and comedy movie reviews and more comic stuff. I’ve been kicking around the idea of reviewing some of my all time favorite comics, movies and records throughout November, but we shall see. Hit the jump for the full story and pics!

Before getting too sick of Halloween, I had one hell of a Halloween night. Actually, it started on Halloween Eve when I got Em to actually watch two of my absolute favorite horror movies Halloween and Jaws. She even kept trying to go and read her book but Jaws kept sucking her in. The next day, before the party, Em made these awesome monster cupcakes while we watched several hours of Ghost Hunters (it’s a pretty good show actually).

As you probably know from my post the other day, I went as the Golden Age Green Lantern, but what you didn’t know is that my lovely wife went as her favorite superheroine Black Canary. We did this because our friends Amy and John had a superhero themed party (which is crazy because they’re not huge comic geeks like me and Rickey).

Rickey and Sam came to the party a little later, but looked awesome dressed as Golden Age Flash and Zatana. We apparently didn’t get a picture of them together, but we did get some rad team-up pics of Rickey and myself and then Sam and Em. Here’s the pics!

Our lovely hosts John and Amy dressed as the Joker from Dark Knight (in nurse duds) and an Arkham Asylum-inspired Harley Quinn (they’re flanking the group photo which also features Ashly as Tinkerbell and Constantina as Wonder Woman). Amy and John also dressed their dog Guinness as Krypto the Super Dog! As a matter of fact, with the exception of a really good Hellboy movie costume, everyone who dressed as a superhero or villain dressed as a DC one, which is interesting. There was even a girl there dressed as Spoiler, but we didn’t get a pic.

After pleasantries were through, we got down to the nitty gritty. And by that I mean we played some beer pong! John actually has a table he built to regulation specs. Somehow Rickey and I won three or four games in a row before tanking. He really held the team together because I only got about one, maybe two in each game. As you can see int he pic of Em doing a fantastic impression of Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the ping pong balls all had eye balls printed on them. After Rickey and I were defeated, we split up and Sam and I played a game. I also started messing around with the fog machine in the room, which resulted in a completely smoke-filled room by the end of the night. It was epic.

Then, after we got back to our place, this happened and we got about 3 minutes into Texas Chainsaw Massacre before deciding to just call it quits and go to bed. A good time was had by all and I didn’t even drunk dial anyone (though I did play some pretty terrible Guitar Hero/Rock Band)!

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