Wow Jay Leno’s Making Fun Of Toledo

I had heard about this shooting in a Toledo bar called Malibu’s Bar last month. Now, I’m not particularly sure which place Malibu’s is, I may have been there before. After checking it out on Google, I think a friend I used to work with at Barry’s used to live across the street, but I’m not 100%, it’s been quite a while since I lived there on a regular basis. I do know that it’s about 10 minutes away from my parents’ house. Anyway, all of this is a roundabout way to get to this video of Leno making fun of the shooting (no one was really hurt, so I guess it’s okay). I have no idea if he was commenting on these before or not, but it’s just funny to me any time anyone mentions Toledo any time.

There you have it.

3 thoughts on “Wow Jay Leno’s Making Fun Of Toledo

  1. The video jay leno is making fun of is is from bar 66. Malibus was a different shooting on alexis road jist in case u wanted to change it

  2. The video is gone from the Universal group! Not living up to their name as the definition of universal : Adjective
    Of, affecting, or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group (okay they got me with the particular group but not fair that group has monetary rights).
    Email me the video United Monkee!

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