Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Guitarist Amplification”

I dug the episode, but there wasn’t a ton to write about. I loved Sheldon’s freak outs, especially that they’re adding even more to his history.

*Gah, missed the opening scene thanks to watching the Steeler’s game. Came in right after the theme song.

*Ah, Penny wants an old boyfriend to sleep on her couch and Leonard is pissed.

*Sheldon’s game makes my brain hurt.

*Leonard’s Penny impression is kinda hilarious.

*”Go, go Power Rangers go.” – Sheldon

*Haha, they’re going to see Time Bandits, a movie that’s on my NetBox queue.

*”There’s a difference between being stupid and acting stupid.” – Leonard. “Yeah, well there’s a difference between being a jerk and being an ass.” – Penny. “No, they’re not, they’re synonyms!” – Leonard.

*Haha, Howard’s telling Leonard about comics where guys’ girlfriends break-up with them.

*Now Raj and Howard are gonna have the same fight that Penny and Leonard are. It’s a beautiful thing. And Sheldon is FREAKING OUT!

*Woah, Sheldon, that was quite the outburst.

*”Oh SURE, you can tell when SHELDON’S upset.” – Raj

*Haha, Howard’s the closest thing Raj’s parents will have to a daughter-in-law.

*Aww, this episode actually makes me feel bad for Sheldon, wandering around Pasadena trying to find somewhere to go.

*Hmm, Sheldon may be in the graphic novels section, but he’s reading an issue of Teen Titans. Looks like the very recent #75.

*This is a whole new dimension of Sheldon’s childhood we weren’t privy to before.

*”Always is a long time.” – Leonard. It would be hard to love Sheldon forever. I do like Penny and Leonard playing mom and dad to Sheldon.

*Ah Stewart’s still in love with Penny. Sorry bro, you’re out, Leonard’s in.

*”I should have asked for much more than a comic book and a robot.” – Sheldon

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