Series Premiere: The Prisoner

As I mentioned over in my now weekly (and also, soon-to-go-up-every-Monday) TV column over on called We Like To Watch last week, I’ve been looking forward to The Prisoner. It’s not because I’m a huge fan of the original (I’ve never seen it), but more so because the combination of Jim Caviezel (Jesus) and Ian McKellen (Magneto) is a solid one, plus the original concept influenced everything from Lost to Final Crisis: Escape (a DC comic I thoroughly enjoyed).

Anyway, the first two episodes played tonight and I liked them both (though I watched the second one first and the first one second because we watched Amazing Race at 8:00PM). I’m not going to pretend like I know everything that was going on. I do have a few theories though, that might be completely obvious to someone familiar with the new series, but that’s not me, so what are you gonna do? First up, it seems like 6 is a pretty high number, I’m guessing that’s significant, especially since everyone else (aside from 2) sports a significantly higher number. I’m also guessing that 2 is the main dude and that 1 (if there is a 1, I didn’t hear him or her mentioned) doesn’t really exist and 2 is the main man. Hm, seems like I had another theory, but can’t remember it now. Oh, I’m guessing 2’s wife was an early subject of the mind-altering stuff and that’s why she’s messed up (or she can’t be mind-altered and 2’s keeping her sedated). Em thinks that 93 is somehow related to 6 (and may even be the same person somehow). Not sure about that one, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

I was definitely entertained by these two episodes and left with plenty of questions. What’s the deal with The Village? Is this a brand new interpretation of whatever happened in the original series or a continuation (like Dragnet)? What’s the deal with the white bubbles and the two towers? Who is 6 really? With all these mysteries floating around, I’m absolutely hooked, though I wish AMC wasn’t rolling all six episodes in three days, that’s a bit annoying, especially since we have a full TV night tomorrow.

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