Casting Internets

This metal cover of the castle theme to Super Mario Bros. is RAD! (via /Gamer)

Also rad is the news that Agents of Atlas will be throwing down with the Avengers. AoA is one of the best comics out there and I’m just happy to see it continue on in any form, whether it be back-ups, mini-series or online comics. Keep that Jeff Parker goodness going Marvel!

In TV news, two actors from two of my favorite movies from high school have gotten new roles. First up, Jason Lee (Mallrats, Chasing Amy) apparently has two new gigs. The first is a live-action Adult Swim show about skateboarding and the second is a live action TNT show called Delta Blues where he’ll be playing a character who’s a cop by day and an Elvis impersonator by night. I loved My Name Is Earl and can’t wait to check him out in this show. (via THR)

The other actor getting a new gig is Ethan Embry (Empire Records, Can’t Hardly Wait) on a USA show called Facing Kate. The show description doesn’t sound all that interesting to me (check it out on THR), but I’ll check it out in passing or in reruns most likely.

And finally, I’m psyched to read Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon’s upcoming Vertigo book called Daytripping. My buddy Steve Sunu interviewed the hell outta those dudes over on CBR.

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