Vincent Price On The Dating Game

I found this clip on YouTube while trying to find a clip of Judd Apatow on The Dating Game which he mentioned on his episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio. It was a great episode that I recommend for any fan of his. Anyway, I read the description of this video of my favorite horror actor and fellow brother of Alpha Sigma Phi Vincent Price on The Dating Game. Now, Mr. Price wasn’t trying to get a date for himself, but was acting in the steed of Ms. X (who turned out to be actress Janit Baldwin), which meant that he was tasked with asking three suitors several bawdy questions. I’m guess it’s from 1972 because he’s constantly talking about Dr. Phibes Rises Again. I’m particularly fond of the question where Price asks how one contestant would kill the others to get to the girl. The clip might be a bit long, especially if you don’t skip through the prizes at the beginning, but there were enough giggles to keep me going. The prize? A Halloween date with Ms. Baldwin at the Magic Castle, the renowned magician club in Hollywood. I want to go to there.

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