Ad It Up: The New Titans

I’m pretty sure this ad was my first introduction to Arsenal/Speedy/Roy Harper. Back when I started reading comics, with The Death Of Superman, he was pretty much a non-entity, at least in the books I was reading at the time. He might have been all over the place in Titans, I wasn’t reading (I’m sure Teen Titans aficionado Ben will be able to fill in the blanks). This ad came from 1994’s L.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #5 (one of my beloved Elseworlds compilations). I’m not sure if it’s supposed to advertise New Titans #114 or #0. #114 seems to start things changing while #0 puts the new team together. Said team includes Arsenal, Impulse, Mirage, Damage, Terra and Changeling. I vaguely remember these changes going on, but they didn’t really affect anything I was reading until a little while later when Donna Troy, Supergirl and Kyle Rayner all joined and even then it was only for an issue or two. Anyone like this stuff?

4 thoughts on “Ad It Up: The New Titans

  1. Pretty cool ad for what would end up being one of the worst eras in Titans history.You got all the members except for pre-Ravager Rose Wilson, who was also on for a minute, and new character Minion. The roster was incredibly static, changing pretty much by the issue, which was one of many problems the book faced (the primary problems being artists ill-suited for the book and Marv Wolfman just understandably burning out after over 12 years of writing the same book).And yeah, Arsenal had been a key player in New Titans for a year or two at this point, from when he gave up the Speedy identity on. He and Nightwing spent the months leading up to Zero Hours fighting over who would be team leader before Dick said fuck it and ran off to be Batman for a bit. The costume pictures above is also probably the worst one Arsenal ever had, having given up a rad Tom Grummett designed one just before.

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