Season Finale: Project Runway

Now that I’ve admitted I watch Project Runway (with my wife, yeah, that makes it better), I figure I might as well throw a few words about last night’s season finale. I thought it was pretty funny how the commercials made a big deal about Tim Gunn “losing it” when it fact he only seemed to get “pretty annoyed” when the models weren’t quite ready on time. Also, by showing all this in the commercial they pretty much neutered any dramatic tension it would have had otherwise. Ah well.

So my personal favorite and fellow Ohioan Althea didn’t pull out the W, so I was kind of bummed out about that. Even worse though is that all around annoying broad Irina won. Ugh. Not a fan. Especially with her constant claims that Althea was stealing ideas from her. Uncool.

Also, I had something confirmed for me while watching all three finalists’ models walk down the aisle that I was pretty sure was the truth: I don’t understand fashion. All their stuff looked okay, some of it looked stupid, but the things I thought looked ridiculous were praised by the judges. Go figure. I’m sure I’ll be just as confused in January when the next season starts. That seems kind of quick right?

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