So, Alice Was…Okay?

Anyone else watch the first two hours of SyFy’s modern day retelling of Alice In Wonderland? I did and it was alright. Or maybe it was just okay. Or maybe it wasn’t good. I guess I’m still making up my mind. The basic premise is that Alice meets a guy who gives her a ring. Next thing she knows, she’s in Wonderland. The Queen Of Hearts tricks people from the regular world into hers so her people can absorb their emotions and distribute them to her people. Alice meets up with the Mad Hatter who’s part of the underground resistance. There’s a lot more to it and I think that might be one of the problems. This thing felt SUPER long. The most I’ve ever been exposed to the Wonderland mythos is watching the Disney movie and Mad Hatter appearances in Batman comics and cartoons. So, maybe this thing hits all the right notes, I just don’t know. To me it all feels over-long and I can’t imagine sitting through another two hours of this thing tomorrow (and most likely won’t because all the good shows are on tomorrow). I will say that I enjoyed the special effects. The movie isn’t steeped in them, but when the big ones show up, I thought it looked like at least a pretty good SyFy movie and not a crummy one. So there you have it, one man’s opinion on a fantasy show.

2 thoughts on “So, Alice Was…Okay?

  1. I kinda liked it. I was thinking we’d tape it so I could watch the end later, b/c you’re right it’s not better than Monday shows. While it wasn’t the best TV movie I’ve ever seen (what up Merlin), I certainly liked it better than The Prisoner, which just annoyed the crap out of me…

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