Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Gorilla Experiment”

Tonight’s episode offered a bit of a glimpse of things hopefully to come. I want Howard to slow his roll and start being a normal human being around his super hot girlfriend Bernadette. Having her around more will offer yet another person to be thrown in the Big Bang Theory mixer to see what cocktail comes out. I like the potential between her and Penny and of course her and Sheldon, as long as they don’t just rehash everything that Penny went through. Hit the jump for all the live bloggy goodness. *I’m glad Howard’s still with Bernadette.

*”I don’t think I have Howard’s street cred.” – Bernadette

*Now there’s a newbie to learn all of Sheldon’s weird ticks.

*Penny rattling off Sheldon’s reason for liking that particular spot is nearly word for word his previous explanation to her.

*Hopefully Bernadette will be around long enough for her and Penny to form a relationship.

*Seriously, Howard, never let her go.

*”Howard, your shoes are wonderful. Where did you get them?” – Sheldon. “What?” – Howard. “Bazinga, I don’t care.” – Sheldon.

*Oh snap, Raj is talking some major smack against Sheldon for sucking at Mario Kart.

*Haha, Penny wants to learn “A little physics.”

*I see a new addition to the background geekery with the Flash/Green Lantern DC Direct statues.

*Uh oh, Howard’s getting jealous over Leonard showing Bernadette his experiments. It is pretty hilarious seeing him go loco though.

*Gotta love Sheldon’s journal entry.Echoes of Doogie Howser.

*Haha, Penny didn’t bring a notebook? Come on!

*”It’s college ruled, I hope that’s not too intimidating.” – Sheldon to Penny “If you have questions, raise your hand.” – Sheldon to Penny again

*I had classes with professors like Sheldon. I’m having weird college flashbacks.

*I love how little regard Sheldon has for Leonard’s work.

*Damn Howard, you are going for it. Uh oh, mom’s home.

*Howard’s got most of the Women of the DCU busts from DC Direct in front of his lava lamp.

*I had no idea Fig Newton’s came from Ben‘s hometown of Newton, MA.

*I had about as much trouble with advanced physics in high school as Penny. My teacher was shitty though. They ended up firing him and throwing out the ridiculously hard final, having to send out new report cards in the process.

*”Oh balls.” – Penny. Haha, I say this too!

*Is Sheldon wearing a shirt of one of the corps from Green Lantern/Blackest Night?

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