Season Finale: Million Dollar Listings

The third season of Million Dollar Listing ended last night. I missed it then, but never let it be said that Bravo makes it difficult for you to catch up on their shows. After catching it this morning, I’m still not quite sure why I like this show. It basically glorifies two rich, douchey real estate agents in California and one who doesn’t seem so bad (that’s Chad and Josh and then Madison respectively). In a concept that would generally fill me with rage and lead me to the next channel, I think it’s the non-work moments that bring me around. Sure it’s interesting to see how these guys are dealing with the crappy financial markets the rest of us are dealing with, but seeing Josh with his grandma is all the more interesting to me (he’s not such a bad guy afterall!). Chad though, that dude seems like a lost cause. How much more nonsense will his gorgeous girlfriend take before she realizes she can do way better? Asking for co-ownership of your dog and ditching her for work constantly won’t all be forgotten by buying her a house, playboy.

Also equally entertaining and infuriating this season was watching the home owners refuse to understand how crappy the market is. Sure this was being taped a while back (not sure exactly when), but things have  been in the crapper for over a year now. I guess it takes rich people longer to get the new because they’re so busy doing coke and what not.

All in all, like most Bravo series I become hopelessly addicted to, I really enjoyed watching it while it was on, but don’t remember a whole lot about the season as a whole (except what I mentioned above). It was fun while it lasted and maybe in a while I’ll watch the reruns when Bravo will inevitably show another marathon, but for now, I’ve got Chef Academy and Launch My Line to keep me busy.

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