Quick Movie Review: Transporter 3 (2008)

Next to Tony Jaa, Jason Statham is my favorite modern day action star. I first saw him in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, but it wasn’t until Transporter and The Italian Job that I realized how cool he was. I’ve gone on to see most of his movies since then, like Crank, Crank: High Voltage, Chaos, The Bank Job, the Death Race remake and the second Transporter so it was only a matter of time before I got around to seeing the second. Like any good action movie series, I can remember the basic plot points of the previous two movies, but most fondly remember the action sequences. In this installment of the now-trilogy (I’d be up for more sequels personally), Statham plays the titular transporter. This time he’s forced into driving a girl somewhere. If he gets too far away from either her or the car, the bracelet they placed on him (you can see it there in the mostly-boring poster) will blow up. What’s really going on is that the girl is related to a politician that Prison Break’s Robert Knepper (always super creepy) is trying to bribe into signing a bill in his favor. Or some such. It’s not really that important. What you need to know is that Statham’s the good guy, there’s a girl and Knepper’s the bad guy. I wish there had been a few more fighting scenes because director Olivier Megaton (cool name right?) does a pretty good job filming them. The do get a little jumpy at times with the super-speed editing, but for the most part, his style fit the kinetic feel of the film. What the movie lacks in fight scenes, it makes up for in car stunts. According to IMDb, the stunts were all done practically and I think that shows. I never got the feeling I was watching toys or video games do cool stunts, but always real vehicles. Speed Racer aside, that’s how I like my movies. Sure, the girl’s pretty annoying for most of her screen time, but the movie delivers in all the departments you’d expect. So, if you’ve seen the first two (or not, it’s not like these things are the Star Wars movies) and dug them, definitely give 3 a shot. Also, for the ladies and some of the fellas, a good deal of Statham’s fighting involves him taking his shirt off and I’m comfortable admitting he looks super cut while doing so.

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