Ad It Up: Ninja Gaiden Handheld Game

Scanned from 1990's Ghost Rider #1

It’s another busy day around UM HQ today with freelance work getting written and turned in. Hopefully you regulars have had plenty to read between the Jersey Shore live blog and checking out this year’s MiniMate Christmas Village (and welcome to any newbies who have discovered the site soon, the site had a bit of a traffic spike yesterday, so I’m hoping some of you are sticking around). Anyway, Ad It Up is usually a Thursday thing, but since the day was already pretty packed, I pushed it back a day. Today’s ad comes from 1990 and features the Tiger handheld version of Ninja Gaiden. You guys remember these things? It’s funny to think that these things used to be the height of technology. I didn’t have this one, but I did have Road Race and one based on The Flash, though I can’t seem to find a link anyway. Which ones did you guys have?

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