Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Maternal Conguence”

Tonight’s episode was pretty fantastic. Not only was it a Christmas episode, which I love, but we got the return of Leonard’s cold mother played marvelously by Christine Baranski. The scenes between Leonard and Sheldon, Penny and Mom and Mom with Raj and Howard were all golden.

*I have that same Batman shirt that Sheldon’s wearing.

*Aww, they’re watching The Grinch and of course, Sheldon relates to him.

*”When we watch Frosty The Snowman, he roots for the sun.” – Leonard

*Sheldon’s upset that Frosty doesn’t get brought up on charges for stealing the hat.

*Sheldon’s family traded papers and focus-grouped them.

*Haha, Sheldon has an Isaac Newton ornament…and now we get a history lesson about Jesus.

*Aw, Leonard hasn’t told his bitchy mom he’s dating Penny.

*Huh, Sheldon’s giving notes to Leonard’s mom on her paper.

*Haha, yet another reference to Raj and Howard’s latent homosexual feelings towards each other.

*”If it helps we’re all good with your breasts.” – Howard to Penny.

*Aww, Leonard’s the last to know about his dog dying and his parents getting a divorce.

*Leonard’s parents haven’t had sex in 8 years and she’s been responsible for her own orgasms since 1982. She says “yikes” when she gets off. Now she’s gonna go drink with Penny, this should be good.

*Haha, Sheldon refers to himself as Leonard’s surrogate family. Yeesh.

*YES! Penny’s teaching Leonard’s mom to do shots. Penny just comes out and tells Leonard’s mom he’s screwing her and she’s cool with it.

*Mom wants to have the bus boy ravish her in the alley while eating cheesecake. That’s kinda super gross.

*”How’d his penis turn out?” – Leonard’s mom

*Haha, now they’re both drunk and giving Leonard shit.

*”Why didn’t you tell me you were tapping my homegirl?” – Leonard’s mom

*That was one of the more awkward hugs in human history.

*Uh oh, here comes Sheldon in his jammies. Even though it was in the preview, her kissing Sheldon is still toe-curling.

*”I’d rather have the bus boy.” – Mom says after kissing Sheldon.

*Now they’re both hung over.

*”Please I am hungover and in no place to fulfill your need for approval.” – Mom

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