Happy Belated Anniversary Xbox 360, It’s Been A Helluva Year

I’m a little late on this post, but it’s been a year since I got my Xbox 360 for Christmas last year and I don’t think there’s a device that’s become more of an integral part of my life since my new phone. The sad thing is that I haven’t really burned through as many games as I would have expected. I am definitely a slow gamer and still have the three used games I picked up when I first decided to bulk up my to-play stack (Madden ’08, Call Of Duty 3 and The Orange Box). Plus, I don’t think I’ve played the Lego Indiana Jones/Kung-Fu Panda game since a few days after Christmas. I will say that I’m pretty close to finishing COD3 finally, which puts me square in the middle of 2007, yeah me.

I figured I’d look back at the list of games I’ve played and reviewed on here, plus a few more I tried and quit. The first 360 game I played and reviewed over on the ToyFare blog which I don’t think is even around anymore is Skate 2. This is actually the game I probably play the most, especially when I’m really frustrated with whatever shooting/killing game I’m working on and just want to hurl a dude on a board through the air. Skate 3 is coming out next year and hopefully I’ll get that eventually. This is a good one to just play whenever, even though I think I’ve finished most of the missions.

Next up were my reviews for Peggle and Portal, two games I really enjoyed but don’t really play anymore. Portal still blows my mind when I think of it. Have there been anymore levels or anything released online? I should probably get those. Meanwhile, Peggle was a downloadable game I really appreciated. I actually do play it every now and then when I want to play something kind of relaxing. I finished all the levels, so it’s not super fun to go through again, but I have had some fun playing people online who don’t murder me.

There was a time in here when I played a lot of games I either didn’t like or didn’t both writing reviews about. The first was Lost Planet, which someone gave me at Wizard. It was an alright game, but just didn’t grab me, plus there was a giant sandworm-like monster in the snow that I couldn’t kill, frustrated the hell out of me and I quit. Then there was Assassin’s Creed, which I can’t understand why people like. It takes forever to get into the story and the fighting mechanics are just boring. I really don’t get the fascination with this one. Yeah, it looks good, but who cares? I also gave up on Dead Rising because I got screwed over in a save position and just didn’t feel like doing the whole game over again. I am excited for the second one though. Haha, I also played a game called Onechanbara, which was like a PS2 game where you play a hot chick killing zombies. It was super fun, but I got to a motorcycle level I couldn’t get past and lost all interest.

Then I took on FEAR 2, which freaked me out more than it probably should have. I definitely traded that one in when I was done. The next game review I have on here is from two months later when I played–and loved–Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I feel like I must have been playing something else during that time. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I was pretty busy at that time and I also borrowed Ghostbusters from Justin, and couldn’t get past the first freaking level and gave it back to him. I was also intermittently playing COD3 and Halo 3 with my buddies from back home. I also picked up Stranglehold, the Jet Li game and thought it was pretty boring, so gave up on that one. Oh and Guitar Hero 3, which I’m up to medium now, but am only any good at when I’m a few beers deep.

Wheelman was another game that I worked on for a long time and eventually finished. I had a good time playing it and skipped most of the ancillary stuff, but had a fun time with the whole game. The last stack of games I grabbed from Game Stop was Gears Of War, Crackdown and Bioshock. I started with GOW, which I just finished before Christmas and had a great time playing. That last level sure was a bitch though and I didn’t even realize I finally beat that big bastard when I finally did. I was a little surprised at how short the game was, but still liked it. I think I’d rather play a short game and actually be done with it so I can move on. Right now I’m playing Crackdown which reminds me a lot of one of my favorite games of all time the PS2 Spider-Man 2 game, so that’s fun. I did get Left 4 Dead 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Christmas which I’ll be starting soon. Oh, plus I’ve still got Dark Sector which I’ve been working through, but got bored with and probably won’t get back to (it’s pretty boring and the mechanics aren’t so great) and Mini Ninjas which I just haven’t gotten around to yet.

The one thing I would like to start doing is actually playing some of these games online with folks. Not just blasting the hell out of each other. Anyone want to play L4D2 or MUA2? Let me know and I’ll pass you my gamertag.

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