Casting Internets

First of all, do yourself a favor and head over to GeekWeek, the brand new site by big time Hollywood dude (and all around good guy) Jeff Katz. It covers comics, movies, TV, toys, tech, MMA, wrestling, gossip, video games, sports and women (and not in a super creepy way). And guess what? I’m writing for him! Dig around in the toy section and you’ll find some fun posts I’ve done over the last few days.

Over at The Fwoosh, it’s New Custom Tuesday which means I will be posting two of my favorite figures from the post. First up is the 3 3/4-inch Daniel Craig James Bond by Industrial and the Slash figure made out of NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle parts by The BeasT. Follow the link above and also scope out the Odin and Amadeus Cho figures. There’s even a Dazzler!

Also, check out The Smoking Gun who called out TMZ on their JFK-on-a-yacht-with-naked-women “exclusive” photo they “unearthed” that turned out to really be a photo shoot from Playboy full of actors and not Presidents. It’s a great read and I’m sure I’m not the only one glad that someone is taking the rumor-mongers to task.

And finally, the gang over at /Film have photos from Josh Radnor’s upcoming movie called happythankyoumoreplease which he is also directing. As a big How I Met Your Mother fan, I’m looking forward to this movie which is about six New Yorkers who “negotiate love, friendship, and gratitude at a time when they’re too old to be precocious and not ready to be adults.” Sounds interesting enough to rent! Hit the link for more details and the photos.

8 thoughts on “Casting Internets

  1. Josh Radnor is probably my least favorite part of HIMYM (not that I don’t like him, just that I like him less than everybody else), but that movie his sounds well-worth a watching.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, it’s definitely one of the strongest casts on TV. Em said she could see him being the next Zach Braff. I hope that doesn’t mean I want to punch him every time he opens his mouth.

  2. I think being the next Zach Braff is something any aspiring young actor hoping to play more than one part for the rest of his life would want to avoid.

    That said, on the new season of Scrubs, Zach Braff is having a resurgence playing that one character…which means it’s time for him to leave the show and go back to his “movie career” of course.

    1. He is my least favorite part of Scrubs and has actually driven me away from the show, which is too bad because I like the idea of a show where a guy dreams up all kinds of crazy scenarios in his daily life because I do that all the time! I did like the two movies of his I’ve seen.

    1. Haha, I have no idea, I never saw a single episode of that show. After checking out his IMDb page, I think I’ve only ever seen Garden State. I think you’re thinking of The Last Kiss, which, after reading the synopsis, I realized I had not seen.

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