Something Strange Is Happening

Today’s been a strange day. I went to bed last night around 2:30AM and had 9 or so hits. My usual UnitedMonkee daily hits fall between 100 and 150, and sometimes a bit higher, but never above 200. Today, I got up and turned my computer on at 11:00AM and I had something like 330 hits. I have no idea why, so I checked the WordPress stats and it’s not really helping. Right now as I write this at 5:44PM, I’ve got 371 hits! I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s crazy. Hopefully if it’s legit and you’re a new reader, you’re enjoying the site.

3 thoughts on “Something Strange Is Happening

  1. Something like this happened to me a few weeks back. I found out someone was literally scouring my back catalog of everything I had doodled. It was nice to know one person was that interested in what I was “drawing,” but the numbers were a bit deceiving. I thought I had gained a bunch of readers, and it turns out one person was just catching up—which is good, but not as awesome a reason for a bump as 90 new readers could have been.

  2. I get very few hits on my site, and the number goes up on days when I actually post, but max, it’s normally only like 30-50. One day it skyrocketed over 300, and I couldn’t figure it out. Later Ryan told me he had linked my post about my Ewok toy on Twitter. Then it all made sense. Wacky internet land.

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