Casting Internets

A lot’s been going on in the internets lately, here are the links I saw that I wanted to spread around a little more.

First up, Soundgarden is getting back together for an unspecified period of time and number of shows according to THR. The snag right now is that the Soundgarden drummer is currently drumming for Pearl Jam (yech). I’m just glad to hear that SG guitarist Kim Thayil will be doing something. He’s amazing and I’ve been missing him since they broke up 1997. This would be a great concert to got o with my friends from high school, anyone interested?

And of course, there’s a new Lost cast photo. I saw it first on /Film but it’s all over the place now. It’s yet another Last Supper riff, which /Film points out and posts other images of. Looks good and I can’t wait!

In other “news” Michael Cera hung out with Pauly D from Jersey Shore and got his hair blown out. I wouldn’t have seen this had the missus not been reading Perez Hilton yesterday. That guy posts like a thousand times a day, it’s nuts. Anyway, this photo and a few more were apparently on Pauly D’s Facebook page.

CBR is reporting today that David Finch has signed DC exclusive. Of course, there’s no announcement beyond that and no new art which is a bummer, so one wonders why bother announcing it yet? I like Finch, but he’s CRAZY slow, so hopefully this will boost sales on a book I don’t really care about, so it won’t bug me too much.

Rusty Shackles did this awesome rendering of Marvel Two-In-One #86 over on Covered. I wish this was a real beer I could drink.

Also, /Gamer said that ESPN said that Midway will be coming out with a new version of NBA Jam. This actually has me pretty excited as Jam was one of two basketball video game I ever played (the other was Arch Rivals). Remember how fun it was to type in Bill Clinton’s name or whatever and play as the president? I would definitely give this one a look to see if it reached the fun levels I had back then.

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