New Favorite Commercial Actor: This Guy

I don’t generally pay attention to the actors in commercials, though I do remember seeing Abed from Community in that butt dial cell phone commercial. Anyway, I’ve been seeing This Guy around a lot. I first saw him in this Dave & Buster’s where he and his fun take a chick and her fun on a date.

Recently I noticed he was in two newer commercials. I think I saw this super-disgusting and super-funny Yellowbook commercial where This Guy’s wife/girlfriend is in the tub and poo-looking water starts coming out of the drain.

And then just today I saw him in this okay Staples commercial. The new “Wow, that is a low price!” catchphrase doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but that’s not This Guy’s fault.

I did what I consider my due diligence in trying to figure out what This Guy’s name is (searched “actor in Dave and Busters commercial” and unsuccessfully going through the first page of results) and can’t seem to find him. If anyone knows, let me know. I’d like to see him get some real work because he seems to have some good subtle comedic timing and delivery, maybe on Community or The Office! What actors do you guys notice popping up a lot in commercials?

23 thoughts on “New Favorite Commercial Actor: This Guy

      1. I’ve been trying for DAYS to find out who this guy is. Tried every mix of keywords I could think of. Even posted to a few boards hoping someone would know. All I have discovered is that he’s actually developed a following, but nobody seems to know who he is.

      2. No kidding, it’s like he doesn’t want to be found. Maybe he witnessed a crime and had to go into hiding. You’re not the only one interested in him, next to my Jersey Shore posts, this one has brought in the most people from just searching him.

      1. dude works…lol

        I guess it took abut 5 days. That was a tough one. Thanks goes to Kevin at splendAd.

  1. His name is Dan O’Brien. I went to college with him. Once you start paying attention, it seems like he’s in every commercial, and it has been that way for years.

    1. Yup – Dan O’Brien. Went to high school with him back when he led the “nerd herd” – a group of cut-up drama guys who pulled elaborate and usually self-deprecating stunts for the amusement of the masses. He’s got a new sitcom pilot coming out in which he stars. You might have also caught him in a bit on How I met Your Mother.

  2. This is my brother actually. His name is definitely Dan O’Brien. This page is making me feel weird kind of, but I’m glad you guys appreciate him. Check him out on Whitney this fall after the office.

  3. Wait a second, Chris, this guy is our brother…I’d like to see his sprint commercial posted where they have a ventriloquist dummy who looks just like him…not quite as cool as the mini “fun” from the Dave and Buster’s commercial, but very good nevertheless….

  4. Chris or James…did Dan play trumpet in college? I’m pretty sure I was in the band with him. If not, he has a twin somewhere.

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