Casting Internets

Wouldn’t you know it that the day I’m super busy working on freelance, a ton of cool stuff blows up on the nets. Here’s what I found interesting toady.

Conan O’Brien wrote an open letter to NBC that The New York Times ran. As most of you probably know, NBC has decided to move Leno’s show back to the 11:30 slot, which would, in theory, move Conan’s Tonight Show back into the next today. O’Brien’s letter is very heartfelt and straightforward without being catty. He basically says he doesn’t want to be part of something that alters the long legacy of The Tonight Show, but also doesn’t want to screw up Jimmy Fallon’s show. He also states that he doesn’t have any plans or offers in the works, as of now. This is a bummer as I love watching Conan. I wonder what they’ll do with the slot form now until then.

In other, less sad TV news, Matthew Perry will be returning to sitcoms with his co-penned and -produced Mr. Sunshine on ABC. I’ve been watching a lot fo Friends reruns lately and loved him on Studio 60, so this is good news all around..assuming it’s not opposite a show I already watch. (via THR)Check out this awesome Outback art from Reau over on The Autumn Society. He says he’s got a ton more and will be posting them. Can’t wait.

Co-directors and -writers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have a new script called Cash Money Dollars they’re shopping around. As a big fan of Crank and its sequel, I’m psyched for this, though it’s too bad they have to shop it around and just have a deal set up. Here’s the description according to /Film.

The story is about an unlikely trio, a shady Los Angeles private detective, a kick-ass New York City female Secret Service agent, and African-American Texas Ranger, who team up to stop a new wave of terrorist operations and save America.

/Film collected a bunch of information about the fourth Spider-Man movie getting scrapped and Ted Raimi and Tobey Maguire. I say good riddance. Raimi has disappointed me lately, and I greatly disliked the two sequels. Considering Spider-Man 3 is the Batman & Robin of the franchise (but less fun), this just makes sense. Who wants to be it’ll be as Dark Knight as possible?

Whitney Matheson over at Pop Candy has some very interesting first hand accounts from her readers about Disney’s highly exclusive (and expensive) Club 33. This is my favorite quote from daria1275: “The toilets look like something a princess would have.”In comics news Keith Giffen and Judd Winick, two comic writers I have a lot of respect and admiration for, will be writing a bi-weekly (that’s twice monthly) comic called Justice League: Generation Lost with Tony Harris working on covers in what looks like his style from the Starman days. There’s a rambling, mostly pointless interview over on Newsarama with both writers that, for some reason, focuses more on how the project came together and has almost nothing on what it’s about. Having interviewed both of these guys separately, I know they can go off on tangents, but there is really very little real information in this post aside from the fact that Giffen will be working with J.M. DeMatteis and Chris Batista on Booster Gold. My big question for this Lost Generation book which they say will star Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red and possibly G’Nort is when does it take place? Is this supposed to be taking place in current continuity or the past? I’m sure details will be made evident in due time.

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