Confessions Of A Danger-ish Mind: I Watch Ray J

Yeah, that’s right. It’s true and I’m not proud of it. I blame a lack of good daytime programming and VH1’s unusual decision to play episodes that will be premiering later that night during the day. Oh, plus the show is completely ridiculous in a way very similar to their other dating shows I watch from time to time. Normally, I wouldn’t subject myself from the embarrassment of admitting this in such a public forum, but the episode that will be on tonight was just too funny not to tell people about. I came in with a half hour left, so I don’t know what happened in the beginning, but the part I saw started with Ray talking to Snoop Dogg about the girls! Who doesn’t love Snoop? Soon after that, he went out to the pool area where all his buddies were hanging out with the girls (there are three left at the beginning of the episode) and asks them to come in and talk to him about which one they think he should choose. Instead of actually helping their friend out, the dudes start talking about and then singing a song about one of the girls smashing the homey. For those of you who might not know, that means one of the girls slept with one of Ray’s friends. They’re singing so loudly that the girl in question actually comes into the room and yells at them.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But that’s not the best part, though I love an impromptu song as much as the next guy. The best part was, while going around the room asking about the girls, Ray all of a sudden says “What do you think Tom Green?” The camera pans up and there the man stands in all his pasty, bearded glory. I’m sure he appeared earlier in the episode, but the way I watched the episode it came as quite an unexpected and hilarious shock. Tom even joined in on the smash the homey song, even though he wanted that particular girl to win. Awesome.

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