My Life As Liz Offers Lame Take On Comics

Anyone who watches as embarrassing an amount of MTV as I do at 26-almost-27 has seen the commercials for their new faux reality show My Life As Liz. It’s about this “nerdy” girl named Liz who hangs out with real nerds (LARPers, ya’ll), complains about the blonde popular girls, looks like the girl from Paramore and pines for a dude named Bryson (worst name ever? It’s certainly up there). Anyway, I finally got around to watching an episode and wasn’t very impressed. The episode I saw had Liz going back and forth about trying out for the talent show even though the popular girls always win!

Aside from feeling really flat and one-note (aren’t the emo girls supposed to be to smart or cool to be bothered by bitchy blondes? Have Avril Lavign videos taught us nothing?!), there were some incredibly stupid comments made about comic books that peeved me off. Also, real quick, Daria was way better and I found that annoying when I watched it recently, so take that as you will.  Okay, so the offending comments? Liz, in the beginning of the episode when she’s complaining about the mean girls says something along the lines of: “That’s why I like comic books, everything’s black and white, good and evil and the good guy always wins.” Ugh. Not only has this exact same line been spouted off in tons of movies and TV shows for years isn’t what bugs me, but the fact that it doesn’t really reflect modern comic books. Even when the good guys win, there’s always something else going on. I guess you could read them that way, but it would ignore the complexity of storytelling involved in a lot of comics.

I sound like such a dork don’t I? I guess it bugs me because they could have easily not tried to co-opt an outdated view of comics in the show and just gone with something else describing good and bad. But they had to go and talk smack about comics and I can’t have that. Especially since I have this blog and can voice my opinion to more people than just my cat. Oh, also, here’s the superhero she pictured herself as.

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