Jersey Shore Cast Definitely Up For A Second Season

I had been hearing here and there that the Jersey Shore cast members were holding out for more money when it came to the second season of Jersey Shore, saying they were the stars and that people were invested in them as characters. It was a pretty big gamble if you ask me. It’s not like New York and New Jersey are hurting for egotistical d-bags who love to drink and fight and crave attention. But, according to THR, it sounds like all the contracts have been signed and the new season will start taping soon. “Soon?” you ask, “but it’s winter at the Jersey Shore!” Yeah, it sounds like the show will be moving locations. The missus and I are guessing that means the show will be going on the road, probably to Spring Break. That’s right, the nearly-30 Pauly and Mike will be probably be fist pumping their way through Mexico or some such place. The THR story noted that all the cast members will be back, but I wonder if that will include Angelina. Here’s hoping the answer is no.

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