If You’re Having Jersey Shore Withdrawl, Check Out VH1’s Pop Up Video Version

For some reason, out channel guide is on the fritz again. So, while flipping through channels, I was surprised to land on VH1 and see that Pop Up Video Jersey Shore is a thing that exists in the world. I was pretty excited, especially because they started off at the beginning of the series. It’s kind of amazing going back and watching these somewhat fresh faced kids who were being more of themselves and not the characters they would become with the added bonus of seeing all kinds of extra bits of information.

And the bits can be pretty interesting. I learned that, before filming, Ronnie spent two hours a day practicing his dancing in front of a mirror. Also, Jenni originally auditioned for a different reality show: Paris Hilton’s New BFF. Speaking of Jenni, she hated Snooki at first. That last bit of info leads me to another aspect of the show I appreciate: it’s surprisingly honest (assuming the information is true, of course). There are plenty of unflattering things revealed about the stars, their opinions of each other and how the crew felt about them.

So, not only do you get to see these kids in their younger days, but also get a nice dose of reality popped in there thanks to my personal favorite form of written information on television.

Last Week’s Shows, Today! Season Premiere Edition

As I might have mentioned–or you’ve seen over on The Monkee Diaries–we went on vacation last week. It was a great time, but we missed a few shows here and there like the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother, though I was able to check a few things out on On Demand which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, our building has super old cable wiring, so we can’t have anything digital. It makes me sad, but new TV makes me happy! There’s a lot here, so hit the jump to see it all! Continue reading Last Week’s Shows, Today! Season Premiere Edition

Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 1 “Going To Italia”

I fully admit to not taking notes or even giving the fourth season premiere of Jersey Shore my full attention. Not only do first episodes of these kinds of things tend to be pretty basic (packing scene followed by small groups of the cast members getting together followed by a race to get to their new house with lots of hijinks and general ignorance peppered in) and because my wife and I just got iPhones and like the rest of the world have found ourselves addicted to Angry Birds.

Even so, the episode wasn’t exactly hard to follow. You get the scenes of them packing and a few updates. Jenni and Roger are still together (good for them), Snooki’s still with that one guy and Sammi and Ronnie are still broken up. My favorite moment from this part of the episode was when Ronnie’s friends were making fun of him and telling him not to fall in love or cry this season. Awesome. The girls decide to all get together at Deena’s house while the guys all meet up at Vinnie’s house. From there it’s the aforementioned travel and “race” with the guys getting to the house in Italy first. As you’d expect, the house is pretty nice, though we find out later that it doesn’t have nearly the electrical output that a quartet of Jersey Shore girls need to do their hair.

Let’s see, they go out and wander around Italy for a little while, drawing a crowd. The next day Snooki drives the girls around in one car while the guys are in another. This is all set-up for when Snooki eventually smashes into the cop escort later on with her talking about how she’s finally useful now. After that there’s a club night. Since Vinnie’s the only one who speaks Italian, he’s the only one who can help the guys talk to girls. It doesn’t seem like any of them hooked up. Well, Vinny and Deena kiss, but I think that was it.

Oh, Mike also told Ronnie that he hooked up with Snooki while she was dating her guy. He also seemed pretty bummed out that Snooki was dating him still and said he could see himself getting with her. Oh man, that’s almost too perfect. If those crazy kids couldn’t make it…

That’s really all I got. I was a little surprised with how well everyone seemed to be getting along. If memory serves, the Season 3 reunion was pretty tense, right? That all seemed to be pretty washed away, even all the nonsense between Ronnie and Sammi. May they never get back together! From the “later on this season” clips it looks like the Mike/Snooki thing really gets intense, possibly leading to a fight between him and Ronnie, which–according to the editing–looks like it winds up with Mike getting laid out. We’ll see I guess. Overall, I think this is a pretty goofy idea for a season. Sending a bunch of jamokes to a country where only one of them knows the language (and only a little) and see what kind of nonsense they get into. It reeks of “bringing in cousin Oliver” but we’ll see. If this was the last season, I don’t think I’d be too upset. The JS kids are starting to feel like aging Real Housewives of New York to me right now. Might be time for them to hang up their guns after this.

Jersey Shore Season Three Reunion

The third season reunion of Jersey Shore was pretty weak sauce. Filled with mostly boring rehashes of things that were annoying the first time around, there were only a few highlights to mention. Time for bullet points!

*Mike likes to put the girls he brings back to the house in his clothes so they’re easier to remove.

*Snooki does not look good. Way too orange. She also says whatever was between her and Vinny is dead. Vinny does not agree.

*JWOWW says she should have dumped Tom when she cheated on him with Pauly. She’s still with Roger. She looks fantastic.

*Ronnie has a good point: Sammi was happy when Mike told her that the note was real in season 2, but mad when he told the truth about Sammi and Arvin.

*Ronnie and Sammi are still broken up. Neither of them are saying they’ll never get back together.

That’s about it. I noticed two things about this reunion. Actually, the missus pointed out the first one: the laughter and crowd noise sounded really canned. Second, they should just have Pauly host these things as the woman who does is charmless and just keeps asking the same question in different forms over and over again. I’m glad the season’s over. I need a break. What’s that? Real Housewives Of New York is kicking off at the same time soon? Oi.

Casting Internets

I talked to Greg Pak about him ending his run on Hulk with “Heart Of The Monster” over on Marvel.com. I also chatted with David Liss about his upcoming “Storm Hunter” arc on Black Panther.

I also talked to Jimmy Palmiotti about his upcoming one-shot called The Tattered Man with Justin Gray on CBR.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the director’s cut of the 90s Captain America movie wound up being awesome? /Film only mentions a Blu-ray version, I hope they do a regular DVD as well because, well, I’m a Luddite when it comes to such things. Making it two hours and less action-y, though? We’ll see.

The new US co-produced season of Torchwood kicks off on July 8th on Starz which hopefully means it will be on Netflix Instant the next day. (via Topless Robot)

Yeah, this seems about right. Good work Sean.

My buddy Alex Segura talked to Robot 6 earlier this week. Interesting stuff.

Ben Morse sent me this link about Snooki being three hours late for a WWE shoot and reportedly being pretty sloshed the whole time. Remember when she wasn’t a walking parody of herself? Yeah, I’m starting to forget too. (via 411Mania)

If you’re a fan of reubens and macaroni and cheese, I highly recommend making Rachel Ray‘s Recipe for reuben mac and cheese, it’s AMAZING.

Beau Smith talks about things he misses over on The Flying Fist Ranch. I also miss him writing Guy Gardner Warrior, one of my all time favorite books.

I really enjoyed reading this Rolling Stone article about Alice In Chains from 1992.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Season Finale “At The End Of The Day”

Well, the third season of Jersey Shore ended tonight. I gotta say, there were definitely times this season when I wanted to drop this show and find something that I would more fully enjoy (I do however, enjoy the hits writing about the show brings). With Snooki’s obnoxiousness, the non-stop bullshit between Ronnie and Sammi and Vinny’s slow descent into assholeishness, it’s been a taxing season to say the least. I’m really starting to think that shows based on people either trying to party or be confrontational with one another wear pretty thin when followed for more than one season. The same could easily be said about any of the Real Housewives series’. While the season finale wasn’t nearly as difficult to sit through as some of this season’s other episodes, it still contained all three of the annoying aspects from this season. Oi. Continue reading Jersey Shore Season 3 Season Finale “At The End Of The Day”

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 12 “A House Divided”

The penultimate episode of the third season of Jersey Shore, was mostly spent dealing with the fallout from last week‘s reveal that Sammi was chatting up Mike’s friend Arvin and got caught red handed. There’s also some last day stuff at the T-shirt shop which shows how incapable these folks are at doing anything even remotely challenging (except Pauly, dude knows how to work). Oh, and Vinny gets the drunkest I’ve ever seen him and makes a TOTAL ass out of himself. Hit the jump for all the wackiness. Continue reading Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 12 “A House Divided”

Snooki Smackdown

So, apparently Jersey Shore‘s Snooki was on WWE Raw last night and got into a bit of a scuffle herself. She gets introduced at the beginning of the above clip, then a bunch of pretty girls start fighting each other. Snooki doesn’t get roped in until around the 8:43 mark. When you still look trashier than several female wrestlers, things are not going well for you. At the end Snooki gets challenged to a match at Wrestlemania and she accepts. Wow. Just wow.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11 “GTF – Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi’s Texting”

About half way through this episode, I figured I was going to hate it. There were a few charming bits here and there, but between Snooki becoming less and less appealing by the word and Sammi and Ronnie seemingly getting back together or “working through their stuff” or whatever bullshit they decided I was on my way out. Then, something wonderful happened and Mike’s meddling actually created some interesting television that will keep two dunderheads apart. Of course, I can’t start there. Hit the jump to see where it DOES start! Continue reading Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11 “GTF – Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi’s Texting”

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10 “A Cheesy Situation”

You’d probably think that, considering this episode of Jersey Shore picked up right where last week‘s left off–actually a few minutes before it ended, which is always annoying, especially after sitting through the “previous on” section–that Sammi’s return would have made things really awkward. There’s definitely lots of awkwardness in the episode, mostly on Ronnie’s part, but it’s not the ultra uncomfortable kind. Heck, there wasn’t even any fighting this time around! From anyone! It’s a friggin’ miracle. Okay, time for the deets, hit the jump if you’re jonesing for Shore shenanigans. Continue reading Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10 “A Cheesy Situation”