Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Einstein Approximation”

Tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory was back up there with the quality I’ve come to expect from the series after a few episodes that made me worry a bit. Sheldon kind of lost his mind while trying to figure out a physics problem I don’t understand (and thankfully wasn’t really explained). After a hilarious trip to a ball pit that shows off Sheldon’s comedic chops, he eventually sort of gets a job at Cheesecake Factory so he can do something menial and let his mind think on things. Meanwhile, there’s a sleight roller disco subplot that probably could have gotten more screen time or maybe moved to a different episode to really let it breath. Anyway, hit the jump for the full live blog with some pics!

*”Have you been up all night?” – Penny. “Is it morning?” -Sheldon “Yes?” – Penny “Then I’ve been up all night.” – Sheldon

*Haha, I don’t think Leonard meant for Sheldon to throw his wipe board out the window when he suggested a fresh start.

* “Have you tried rebooting him?” – Howard. “No, I think it’s a firmware problem.” – Leonard

*Aww, poor Raj, he suggests something to do and automatically turns into the fifth wheel.

*Eew, Sheldon used butter as deodorant.

*”For me the worst part was when people saw us leave with them.” – Penny after roller discoing with Leonard and Howard.

*Haha, Penny and Leonard totally bit it on Sheldon’s marbles, which he may have lost.

*Yeah Bernadette, you tell Sheldon to go to bed and get some sleep.

*I really like her, I hope they don’t make Howard screw it up.

*Leonard’s Joker ringtone is awful. *Uh oh, now Sheldon’s in a kid’s ball pit.

*”You can try, but you’ll never catch me.” – Sheldon. Him popping up and saying “bazinga” over and over had me loosing my shit.

*Waking up with a crazed Sheldon standing over you, knocking and saying “Leonard and Penny?” over and over is terrifying.

*So Leonard wants to get a menial job so he can think while being preoccupied. He heads over to Lisa Simpson and she shuts him down. *Ah, so he does work at Cal-Tech.

*And now he’s working as a bus boy at the Cheescake Factory with Penny. He never even got hired, he just showed up and started working and now he’s acting like a server.

*Howard’s super tight purple roller disco pants are…disturbing. He and Raj have some hot moves though.

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